Pickled Garlic Bulbils


Introduction: Pickled Garlic Bulbils

Let your garlic "go to seed", and the flowers will produce mini garlic cloves (or bulbils) on top. Pick the flowers, and pop the bulbils out of their skin by pinching them firmly with your fingers. It helps to do this in a large bowl of water so the bulbils don't shoot across the room. The water also helps to separate the skins which float to the top. After you've removed all of the skins, pickle them using your favorite brine/method, and put them up for at least a few weeks until they soften. What you'll have is a very unique, delicious pickled condiment that can accompany a wide variety of dishes where you want to add a mild garlicky crunch! Think: hot dogs, pasta, stir fries, salads, etc.!



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