Introduction: Picnic Cutlery Cosy in a Coffee Bag

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Why wasting a coffee bag when you can reuse it in another way? (I just hope that coffee bag is the good name to call the package in which the coffee is when we buy it).
This case will take you only one hour and a little amount of materials. I made it to store picnic cutlery, but you can also use it for your glasses or pen and pencils.

You will make it easily (and better than I did). The sizes will depend from those of the bag you have and the things you want to store in it. Here, I used a big bag of one kilo coffee I had from a coffee-house. My picnic cutlery gave me the size of the final object.

You will need

1- Coffee bag
2- Velcro
3 -Scissors
4- Ribbon or bias
5- Thread
6- Pins
7- Sewing machine

Step 1: Cut the Bag and Sew the Velcro

Picture of Cut the Bag and Sew the Velcro

How to make

1. Cut the bag to obtain a flat piece in the size requested for your project.

2. Cut a piece of Velcro, approximatively half of the precedent piece minus 2 cm.

3. Sew the Velcro in the inside side of the bag (aluminium colour)

Step 2: To Finish: Sew Biais and "close" the Case

Picture of To Finish: Sew Biais and "close" the Case

4. Put it, the right side facing you and sew a piece of ribbon or bias on the top to hide the sewing of the Velcro.

5. Sew the side and the bottom.

6. Fold the ribbon or the bias and sew it to hide the precedent sewing.

Congratulations, it is done!


amandajewls (author)2012-06-16

What a clever re-purposing! Some of these coffee packages are gorgeous and such a shame to throw out. Now we can reuse them over and over!

Ysabeau (author)amandajewls2012-06-17

Thank you. The main problem is that we must sew these bags on the right side.

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