Step 3: Chop, Dice, Mince

Picture of Chop, Dice, Mince
While your jalapeños are cooling down, chop your tomatoes into cute cubes, add to a bowl.

Mince your garlic.

Next, chop your cilantro.  I like to bunch it up and try to roll it.  Then I take my knife and run it through, over and over so we don't get huge cilantro leaves.

Cut a 1/4 off of your onion.  Cut the rings in half and kind of stack them on top of each other.  Cut into a fine mince.  We're going for teeny pieces of onion.  You can make them as big or small as you like, I just prefer a mince.

Now that your jalapeños have cooled down, rub the skin off gently with your thumb.  Not all of it has to come off, just whatever will rub away.  I made this for a friend so I de-veined and de-seeded the jalapeño, it's completely optional.  Cut the jalapeño into strips, stack on top of each other, and run your knife through.