Smallest K'nex gun on instructables that I know of. It uses only 9 pieces. It can shoot up to 15 feet but it can be less or more depending on the rubber bands you use.

UPDATE!!! put a new rubber band on it and reinforced the gun with duct tape(also makes it look cool)and used a bb as ammo... it hit my bathroom wall 30+ feet away with a good amount of force

Step 1: The Parts You Need

You need,

2 double ended orange/brown
4 single clip gray
1 two clip gray white

2 small blueish silver rods
? small black/green rods (for ammo)

rubber band(s)
sand paper

Step 2: Build the Gun

Use the picture below to build the main part of the gun

Step 3: Make the Fireing Pin

Use the picture.

Also look at the other pic. I recommend that you sand the end of the pin that goes into the barrel so it doen't catch something in the barrel and make it misfire

Step 4: Prepare to Fire


Step 5: Fire!

i didnt have a black piece so i used a lite brite peg. not as effective, but works. if got it to go 10-15 feet. i also had to substitute the blue pistion for a white one for strength on pulling back.
block trigger...stinks....trey the trigger from the okp it's 1000% better <sup>i mean it it actually is better tenfold</sup><br/>
Dude.... this was from 2006!
i sellotape a magnet 2 it nd my hand so u can just shake ur hand n it shoots lol :D
that's just a block trigger.
really? Is it? I'd never have known! <sup>/sarcasm</sup><br/>
I made a modded version with a sight increased stability for the firing pin and an addition to the trigger to stop the bb falling out of the end
whatis the addition post it please
i found something cool u can add a white piece instead of the grey one closest to the front orange peice and connect it to the other white with a blue rod and u have a bb cchamber in between
Good gun. I like that its concealable.
also fired bbs
yes might be better if yu add a trigger
Post your gun!!!! Post your gun!!!! Post your gun!!!! Post your gun!!!! d**n it Post your gun!!!!!!!!!!!! gobob29
good gun, fun to use, and i like the fact that it's so small because if your friends parents don't like k'nex gun u can just put it in you'r pocket and no1 will no
This is my sniper pistol that can brake a cd in three pieces on one shot. do you want me to post it(its not crappy like my other guns)
Yeah go ahead. It looks simple so I could try :P
ya i want you to post it
looks like a mod of killerk's pistol O_o
yea, it looks awesome. it also looks very very painful
pyro i duno wot u talking about it dosent shoot 30ft mine shot 60ft this gun rocks and its one of the best gun i have ever built!
how do you make that
u made an instructable for that?????????? it looks...fun *i can see the perfect person to use that on* T.B.C
I bultit and the fiering pin didnt go straight so i made mods and got it to 40+ ft
the 2 clip trigger wasnt working for me so i put the firing pin on the 2nd single piece. i mounted it right below the barrel so i could just tap the pin down and it fires good
this is bad
no, this gun is kick ass!
not the best of all guns but because of its size it is good becuse it is only small
thats because its an old gun
This is the gun that got me started in k'nex.
nice gun. first shot with a medium sized band went about 30 feet. good instructable and sweet gun!
the best around for little guns
hey guys check out my new gun sort of like pyros and kamakazisniper360's it shoots pretty hard and only uses 17 pieces and 3 rubber bands check it out it shoots 30-40 ft.
i have i mod idea tha works better and uses no less or more pieces. put on hubcap piece in the front of the gun and two in the back it shoots way harder
I made a mod of this gun. It's bigger, but more powerful. It only takes 15 pieces! Search for "Pico-Power K'nex Gun Mod"
This is the best K'Nex gun I have. And its great if you have limited pieces.
should i post this it has the same handle as killerks handle here it is
This is nice, but I made a knex gun that is even smaller than this(uses 8 pieces) and it fires yellow rods about 25 feet, want me 2 post it? P.S. I'm new.
i built a gun that took about 200 pieces and it fire only like 12 feet. built this less-than-20-piece gun and it fires like almost 25ft! NICE GUN, NICE SMALL GUN!
like little guns? <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EBONZY9M7OEZ7BG68Z/">https://www.instructables.com/id/EBONZY9M7OEZ7BG68Z/</a><br/>
yh it is ok i shoot about 3m but still gd
this is not the smallest gun anymor lol
cool it gos 1/2 CM
i am strarsher but i think it is a bad name and it goes about 3 metres
This gun is brill and i sorta tweaked it i added a white rod and grey connector to the light grey connector you pull.
Great gun. I love the simple design and it's really easy to use. good work
How do u shoot?
Pull back and let go
this thing is awesome!
This is wicked, man. Perfect for firing spitballs in class...
i made 1 that only has 9 pcs but it is not very powerful

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