Pico-power K'nex Gun





Introduction: Pico-power K'nex Gun

Smallest K'nex gun on instructables that I know of. It uses only 9 pieces. It can shoot up to 15 feet but it can be less or more depending on the rubber bands you use.

UPDATE!!! put a new rubber band on it and reinforced the gun with duct tape(also makes it look cool)and used a bb as ammo... it hit my bathroom wall 30+ feet away with a good amount of force

Step 1: The Parts You Need

You need,

2 double ended orange/brown
4 single clip gray
1 two clip gray white

2 small blueish silver rods
? small black/green rods (for ammo)

rubber band(s)
sand paper

Step 2: Build the Gun

Use the picture below to build the main part of the gun

Step 3: Make the Fireing Pin

Use the picture.

Also look at the other pic. I recommend that you sand the end of the pin that goes into the barrel so it doen't catch something in the barrel and make it misfire

Step 4: Prepare to Fire


Step 5: Fire!




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    58 Discussions

    i didnt have a black piece so i used a lite brite peg. not as effective, but works. if got it to go 10-15 feet. i also had to substitute the blue pistion for a white one for strength on pulling back.

    block trigger...stinks....trey the trigger from the okp it's 1000% better i mean it it actually is better tenfold

    1 reply

    i sellotape a magnet 2 it nd my hand so u can just shake ur hand n it shoots lol :D

    I made a modded version with a sight increased stability for the firing pin and an addition to the trigger to stop the bb falling out of the end

    2 replies

    i found something cool u can add a white piece instead of the grey one closest to the front orange peice and connect it to the other white with a blue rod and u have a bb cchamber in between

    yes might be better if yu add a trigger

    Post your gun!!!! Post your gun!!!! Post your gun!!!! Post your gun!!!! d**n it Post your gun!!!!!!!!!!!! gobob29

    good gun, fun to use, and i like the fact that it's so small because if your friends parents don't like k'nex gun u can just put it in you'r pocket and no1 will no

    This is my sniper pistol that can brake a cd in three pieces on one shot. do you want me to post it(its not crappy like my other guns)

    5 replies

    yea, it looks awesome. it also looks very very painful

    pyro i duno wot u talking about it dosent shoot 30ft mine shot 60ft this gun rocks and its one of the best gun i have ever built!