Step 12: Flying

Picture of Flying
The shunt block acts as a power switch for the quadcopter, insert the block to turn it on.

If you are using my source code, then follow the diagram to see what buttons do what.

There really isn't anything else to say. Have fun flying.

LEDs will blink repeatedly forever if a catastrophic error occurs in the code, or if battery is too low. Turn everything off and recharge the battery by plugging in the USB cable. The quadcopter plugs into the transmitter to recharge (the USB cable must be in during this).

If you think the quadcopter can't receive data from the transmitter, plug the quadcopter into the transmitter and press the sync button on the controller. The LEDs should blink on both circuits and the radio frequency should have changed to another one, hopefully one that works.

Here's a table of buttons and their function:

Bit Idx Button Function
10 Plus (+) Arm Quadcopter (Turn On)
12 Minus (-) Disarm Quadcopter (Turn Off)
3 X Recalibrate Sensors
9 Right Top Trigger (R) Turn Off Accelerometer (Acrobatic Mode)
2 Right Bottom Trigger (ZR) Turn On Accelerometer (Stable Mode)
4 A Synchronize RF Channel
5 Y Recalibrate Joysticks
7 Left Bottom Trigger (ZL) Hold to Trim Accelerometer
D-Pad Trim Accelerometer