Picture Frame Chalkboard





Introduction: Picture Frame Chalkboard

For the complete, original tutorial, visit Whimsical Whimsies!

Follow these way too simple steps to make your own Chalkboard out of a picture frame!

Step 1: The Frame

First, I found the perfect frame for this project.  It used to be black, so I spray painted it white.  The white is a great contrast for the black of the chalkboard (although they make any color chalkboard paint these days).

Step 2: Chalkboard

Next, I painted the back board of the frame using the chalkboard paint.  Now, depending on the frame you might have to get a piece of wood for this step.  I was lucky that the frame came with a great piece of pressed wood as the backing.  I just painted this and it became my chalkboard.

Step 3: Assemble It!

After the proper drying time has completed, put the chalkboard inside the frame and hang.  Feel free to use my fabulous and easy to follow tutorial for hanging pictures!



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    I love it! but... where do you keep the chalk?

    Thanks! I just keep it on the top of the frame. It's a thick frame, so the chalk doesn't roll away. :O)