Introduction: Picture Frame Tool Pegboard

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Add a touch of class to any workspace with this Picture Frame Pegboard! The frame and backing were found free on Craigslist. The tool holders were purchased from a local hardware store.

I wanted an interesting way to store my basic tools so I wasn't always digging around the messy tool box. It looks great and was surprisingly easy from start to finish! Its a fairly simple design, basically replacing the backing of the frame with pegboard.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

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-Stylish frame. The bigger, the golder, the gaudier... the better!
-Drywall anchors
-Screw hooks

-Measuring Tape

Step 2: Preperation & Sawing

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Unscrew the backing from the frame and place it over the pegboard. Trace a line to the exact size.

If the frame did not include any backing, measure the frame and trace measurements to pegboard.

Cut the pegboard to size.

Step 3: Drilling & Screwing

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Mark holes on the pegboard to match screw holes on frame. If the frame does not have pre-drilled screw holes, evenly mark spots for screws to attach pegboard to frame, giving extra support in corners.

Line up board with frame and secure with screws.

Attach hooks to the screws at the top of the frame to easily attach to wall.

Step 4: Hang Board & Tools

Picture of Hang Board & Tools

Mark on the wall where the board will be hung, and mark where hooks will attach to screws. Make sure the holes are level. Drill screws into wall using appropiately-sized drywall anchors. Drilling into the wall studs could work as well.

Leave a little space between the screw head and wall to hang the hooks.

Now it should be all complete! Using assorted pegboard hooks, I filled the board with my most commonly-used tools. It looks great even as wall art! Also, it can be easily removed and transportated if needed, unlike a larger, more permanant fixture.


csiebert91 (author)2015-06-30

I actually just made one of these and was thinking of making an instructable, but you beat me to it. The only thing I did different was have an artist friend paint a deer on the pegboard. It looks cool, even with stuff on it.

snewzer (author)2013-12-13

Hmmm, the wheels are you got me thinking. Great project!

shema1999 (author)2013-10-26

I will definitely make some of these to hang my jewelry, tools and odds and ends on.I will also be painting/ decorating the peg board first. I love this idea! thanks

GenAap (author)2013-09-26

Nice! I would have never thought of doing somthing like this.

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