I created this picture frame in fusion 360. It is print in place with supports.

Step 1: Supplies I Used

  • Photo
  • 3-D printed frame

Step 2: Tools I Used

  • Fusion 360
  • 3-Printer

Step 3: Design

I started by sketching its base. Then extruding it. I sketched where the picture would be next. Then I extruded into the base. Sketched and cut a rectangle into frame for photo to slide into and support removal. Sketched and extruded a right triangle and a hole around it. Skeched one circle inside another extruded one to cut into the sides. Extruded other through right triangle and into holes created. This makes it so it can fold out. Chamfered several parts of the design.

Step 4: Printing

Print with supports. Use putty scraper to remove them.

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Bio: My name is Jayden. I am a cad designer. I use Fusion 360 and tinkercad. I have made many designs.
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