How to build your very own desktop Zen garden on the cheap!

Step 1: Supplies

First, gather the following supplies:
*Calcium Sand (commonly sold at pet stores in the Reptile section $8.99)
*Elmer's Wood Glue
*Cheap flimsy fork (or you can follow one of this guide www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Zen-Garden-Rake-for-your-Ashtray/)
*Cool looking rocks
*Deep picture frame ($2.99 at Ross)

I made one of these for my husband to put on his desk at work (actually, I gave him the supplies so he could set it up to his own liking). I went more whimsical than Zen with it - found coloured sand at Michael's, added a small mirror, a cool-looking gem, sea shells, and little blue glass pebbles. I like the idea of a fork for a rake! That's the only thing I was missing - I tried to make one out of wire, but am not thrilled with the results. Thank you :)
For those having trouble with step 4, don't try and bend the fork, that's impossible. Instead, only try and realise the truth.<br />
There is no fork!
I actually made this exact thing about five years ago. I got all the materials from the Dollar Tree. They sell tiny zen gardens that include the rake, rocks and other accessories, mine had a small buddha head and a little stone bench
Good 'ible.&nbsp; I like Zen gardens but never knew where to get the sand.&nbsp; Thanks!!<br />
Haha, I looked everywhere for the sand.&nbsp; I was hoping to be able to get it from a home and garden type place, but no such luck.<br /> A pet shop had to do, but the price was amped up because it had to be &quot;Safe for Reptiles&quot;<br />
I&nbsp;like it.
Thanks man!<br />

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