Picture of Picture Framing-an easy and economical guide
Frame shops typically charge an arm and a leg to frame and mount a picture. Store bought frames just lack personality and style. This instructable will show you the basics of making your own picture frames at low or no cost.
I teach technology education in a High School and frames are a project I often do with my students. If a ninth grader can complete a frame, anyone can.
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Step 1: Its all about the stock

Picture of Its all about the stock
First to make a frame you have to start with the right type of stock and enough of it to frame your picture.
The best stock has a rabbet cut (the right angle cut) on one edge. You can also cut a rabbet with power tools, but having a rabbet edge is not 100% necessary. Hardware stores often have trim that can be used for framing. Craft stores and art stores often carry framing stock specifically for framing. However pieces with a rabbeted edge are not 100% necessary.
I use scrap wood, thin long scrap pieces are easy to come by on a construction site or lumber yard. No matter where you get it from you are looking for stock that is long and about 1" wide or wider.

The piece on the left is scrap wood. It was a 1x3, I shaped the rabbet and rounded the edge with a router.

The piece on the right was a scrap piece of tongue and groove flooring. The rabbet was made by cutting way the bottom edge of the groove, the tongue was cut away also. Scrap flooring is great for framing!
Lovely little tutorial and I'm sure your friend loved it. One quick question why did you not just cut the acrylic on the laser? I know some types can't be cut (I can never remember if it's extruded or cast!). More curious than critical. The font you have used looks really nice with the colour of wood btw.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Would love to see you add this to my new group.
Hope to see you there.
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Instead of wood putty for filling gaps, I use a mixture of woodglue and fine sawdust, use the sawdust produced when cutting the frame, and it will be a good colour match
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Very nicely done. Well written and nice pics. The strap idea is great! Now to get my router out (he he he...) Good Job
arthessa7 years ago
Nice instructable. Got lots of artwork I wanna frame whitout having to spend soooo much money. Thanx! :o)