Picture of Picture Perfect Clock
With Christmas drawing ever closer I needed more inexpensive gift ideas for friends and family thats when I stumbled on a tutorial "5 Cheap-as-Free things to make from comics" in it I found an idea for a clock, only problem I'm the only comic nerd in my family. I kinda trashed that idea until I was shopping for supplies at hobby lobby and found really small, cute, and cheap clocks and that's when I got the idea to put a picture in it, this proved a little more difficult then I anticipated because I still wanted the clock to work but I managed to make three of these bad boys (all of which work) so here is my tutorial on how to make these easy yet effective gifts, enjoy! :)

Step 1: Materials, Materials, and more Materials!

Picture of Materials, Materials, and more Materials!
All right first step to any project, get your goodies all gathered up! For this project you will need the following:
-A clock (any size but for this I am using a tiny one)
-your picture (it can be anything from a photo to something off the internet)
-exacto knife
-mod podge or glue stick (I live off my mod podge but a glue stick works just as well)
-screw driver

Alright let's get started!