Picture Perfect


Introduction: Picture Perfect

Ever wanted a quick smooth way to transfer files from you camera to your computer hard drive. Well I came up with something that works pretty slick. Remember DOS batch files. Well that is how I do this. There is a bit of set to make the file work for you but once you got it, moving files from the camera to the hard drive is one click away.

Here you go the code to the batch file.

@echo OFFrem checks to see if your device is plugged in note change the Mycamera variable to the correct drive that you camera comes up as.set Mycamera=i:if exist %Mycamera%\nul (goto makedir) else goto end:makedirc:rem change this directory to the directory that you want to move your files tocd \Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Picturesrem creates a variable that contain today's date in yyyy-mm-dd formatfor /F "usebackq tokens=2,3,4,5* delims=/ " %%i IN (`date /t`) do set newdir="%%k-%%i-%%j"rem creates a directory in the My Pictures directorymd %newdir%rem moves back to your device %Mycamera%rem moves to the directory that you have your photos in Note changes this to what it should be every camera is differentCD "\DCIM\100OLYMP"rem copy's the photos over to the directory of today's date in My Pictures folder COPY *.* "c:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\%newdir%\"rem del *.*c:cd \:endpause

To make it work for you just make the changes below.

set Mycamera=i:

In order to do this plug in your camera/card and click on my computer to determine what drive your camera/card is. Mine is I: for one card and J: for another.

c:rem change this directory to the directory that you want to move your files tocd \Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures

Here you set the drive and the directory that you would like to put your folders of pictures.

Here is the location of the picture files on your camera/card. while you are finding the drive letter note the directory the pictures are in.

I got lazy here but if you wanted you could make the path you want to send the files to a variable. make sure this line matches the same directory you put in earlier.

COPY *.* "c:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\%newdir%\"

just copy the above text into a text editor and make the changes where needed save it somewhere on your computer (I used card.bat) and when you click the batch file, your files will be moved automatically.

Note: unrem the del *.* to have the bat file delete what is on the card.



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    You just have to be careful that the date format is as you have it. Mine isn't and the For /F line needed to be different.