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My mother’s birthday is in a couple days.  I like for her gifts to be unique and special, for she is such a special lady. 
My girls love their Nana.

For this project you will need:
sewing machine
bias tape or ric rac
fabric (2) 12" x 14" pieces
pabric (paper fabric)
a fabulous artist to draw a picture for the front of the pillow
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Step 1: Color something beautiful

Picture of Color something beautiful
This year I had them draw pictures of Nana or of themselves with her.  I had planned to make gifts using each of the pictures, but I have so far only made a gift with one of them.  I borrowed a gift idea from a friend and turned the picture into a pillow.

Step 2: Copy onto Pabric

Picture of Copy onto Pabric
I started by copying Chloe’s picture that she drew onto a piece of paper fabric.

Step 3: Choose the fabric

Picture of Choose the fabric
We chose our fabric and cut it into (2) 12”x14” pieces.

Step 4: Sew on the picture

Picture of Sew on the picture
I sewed the picture to the piece that will become the front of the pillow.

Step 5: Add some bias tape or ric rac

Picture of Add some bias tape or ric rac
I also added some bias tape around the edge of the picture to cover the thread.  When I do the next pillow, I will do the bias tape a little differently.  This time I only sewed one stitch down the middle, but it really needs one on either edge going the whole way around the picture.

Step 6: Piping

Picture of Piping
Next, I added some piping to the edge of the pillow.

Step 7: Sew it. Flip it. Stuff it.

Picture of Sew it.  Flip it.  Stuff it.
I sewed it together, leaving an opening at the bottom to stuff it.
I turned it right side out...
And stuffed it!

Step 8: Hand stitch the opening

Picture of Hand stitch the opening
Using a needle and thread, I hand stitched the opening where I stuffed the pillow.


I’m sure she’ll love it.  I wish the girls could each give them to her, but we will include lots of love in the box when we mail it.
grannyjones3 years ago
Are you using the Crayola Fabric Crayons?
Those would be great for this project.
Whimsical Whimsies (author)  grannyjones3 years ago
They would be great for this. But, I actually had my girls color on regular paper with colored pencils and then copied the picture onto printable fabric.