• Picture Tutorial: Making Ruffled Trim
  • For my ruffled trim, I chose to use the same fabric as I used to make my top, but you could use something contrasting if you'd like. My fabrication is a cotton/lycra jersey, but you could use a woven with this technique as well. If you choose to use a woven and cut on the crosswise grain, you will not get as much of a lettuce edge as you would with a knit. If you cut your trim on the bias, you will get more of a lettuce edge with a woven.

Step 1: Cut Fabric and Prepare Fabric

  • Decide how wide you want your ruffle to be and them prepare and cut the fabric. I chose to make my ruffle 1 1/2" wide. Cut your fabric in the crosswise direction. In the direction of most stretch for a knit. If you're using a woven fabrication, you could also cut the fabric on the bias for more stretch.
  • Set up your overlock/serger to do a narrow rolled hem stitch. Many machines do this operation with 2 or 3 threads. Choose the one you like best. I used contrasting threads with a 3 thread rolled hem to add another element to my trim.

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