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Children's picture books provide hours of fun looking at the stories. It is a pity to put those books away in a closed position: the book's world is cut off almost completely.

A bookstand solves this problem: it allows the book to be placed with open pages, thus allowing to see its contents. This instructable documents a special type of bookstand: one that is meant to be hung on a wall and thus upgrades a picture book into a 'painting'. The book hanger will not damage the book.

This wooden book hanger is not only suitable for picture books, but may also come in handy for displaying a cookbook in the kitchen.

The design features of this hanging bookstand are threefold:

1. The height of the construction is adjustable, thus allowing various book sizes to be displayed, and
2. The construction's depth is really flat and an innovative but simple method is used for the sliding construction, and
3. Only a few wooden slats are needed to build your own hanging bookstand. Wooden paint stirrers are excellently suited for this.

The construction in this instructable is being applied to a relatively thin picture book, which makes the whole construction lightweight and flat. Alternative sizing can make the hanger suitable for other book dimensions.

Picture books with pages from cardboard are best suited for displaying in the book hanger: it ensures that the pages remain upright. Suggestions for dealing with pages from paper sheets are provided in step 5 of this instructable (see items 4a to 4c).

A wooden book hanger is available from the openproducts webshop (either as a kit or as an assembled product), see

Two picture books have been used in this instructable for the purpose of demonstrating its functionality:

The upper images show the picture book entitled 'The yellow balloon' by Charlotte Dematons, published by the Dutch publisher Lemniscaat.
The images displayed a bit lower show the picture book entitled 'The Story of the Root Children' by Sibylle von Olfers, published by the Dutch publisher Christofoor.

The cookbook displayed in this instructable is a release from Odin, a Dutch supplier of organic food (

For all three books permission has been granted to show pictures in this instructable.

More about both books (including ISBN) is mentioned in step 6 of this instructable.

In step 10 some words are being spent on explaining why the book hanger is innovative.
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xjx7 months ago

Good idea.