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Introduction: Picture Decorated Vase From Recycled Bottle

I have this picture I took in Paris a few months ago and wanted to place in the house but did not have a frame. So i came up with this simple idea: in 5 steps I got both a flower vase and an original frame for my picture.

Step 1: Materials List

1. Empty bottle from salad dressing
2. Transparent self-adhesive paper
3. Scissors
4. Pencil
5. A picture that fits the size of the bottle
6. Fresh flowers
7. Water

Step 2:

Rinse bottle with metal sponge untill all labels are removed. Let it dry.

Step 3:

Place picture under it and draw the shape.

Step 4:

Cut the photo and measure surface to be covered. Cut the dimensions required allowing overlap of a few centimeters.

Step 5:

Remove the protective paper with care and stick down the picture. Place bottle on top. Smooth down with the palm of the hand working from the center to the edges in order to expel any air bubbles. Make small cuts to fit if you need to.
If self adhesive is not stuck properly lift carefully and put down again.

Step 6:

Fill in with water, put flowers, and smile! We are done!



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