Pictures I Took Today(June 5th, 2012) of the Venus Transit





Introduction: Pictures I Took Today(June 5th, 2012) of the Venus Transit

These pictures aren't very good quality, but they are better than nothing.  These were taken in Buffalo, NY, USA from 6:00pm to 7:30pm EST.



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You need to clean your optics. I can see a spot in your pictures.

Yeah, I tried to, but it's somewhere inside the camera. I'll try to maybe take it to Best Buy or something to get it fixed.

I could be wrong but I think he was joking. I believe the "spot" is Venus :-)

You may be right. Just think, now we all have to wait another 150 years for this non-event to occur again.

You're veering into troll-dom. If astronomy isn't your thing, why comment?

Your opinion matters to me why?

Dunno, but evidently you feel the rest of humanity stands to benefit from your wisdom. I'm here as a corrective. You have no idea what you're talking about; you're spouting nonsense in an inflamatory way, hence the "Troll" label. You're free to prove me wrong, of course. I won't object if you suddenly stop venting your spleen on other people's instructables.

The only thing evident here is you projecting. Good luck with that.