Introduction: Pie Dough

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Pie is an american Classic

Step 1: Materials

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Step 2: Procedure

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Pour 1 cup of flour into a. Owl
Add a pinch of salt
Add 1 cup butter
Smash it with your fingers
Add 1/2 cup of water

Step 3: Results

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Freeze the dough


kinleerb09 (author)2015-12-16

thank you SSOO much

Juanamac (author)2015-04-14

I'm definitely trying this for my next bacon and egg pie!

Sheldy123 (author)2015-04-12

Thank you for that. But I don't think people need to know my favorite pie.

TomV4 (author)2015-04-09

It will help if you describe the procedure with words, too. For example, do you add ingredients all at once? Bit by bit? How long to mix? What texture is sought? Why freeze? For storage? For better handling? How to go from frozen ball of dough to ready for lining pie pan? What's your favorite pie?

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