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Tiny pies on a stick! Your mouth didn't know what it was missing.

Thanks to lemonie for this post, which made it clear I needed to try my hand at pie pops. As my loyal subscribers know, there's nothing I like more than making things tiny and putting them on sticks. Pie pops was a natural fit.

I love a high crust-to-filling ratio, but if you don't, consider making these babies a little larger and the crust as thin as possible to accommodate the most filling possible!

Enjoy :D

Step 1: Ingredients

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These little beauties can be assembled with pre-made ingredients or from scratch.

I used this pie crust recipe and the following filling to utilize fruit in season at the time:

  • 2 fresh peaches
  • 1 Tbsp flour
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • Fresh nutmeg and cinnamon to taste
  • Two pie crusts
  • 1 egg for egg wash on crusts (opt)
  • Lollipop sticks

I also did a batch with Eric's Award Winning Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Step 2: Prepare Peaches

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To peel peaches (and accelerate cooking), bring a pot of water to a boil.

Add peaches and boil for 5 minutes.

Remove peaches with a slotted spoon and immerse immediately in ice water.

Now your peaches will peel easily!

Step 3: Make Filling

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Peel, pit and finely chop peaches.

Cut together flour, butter and sugar.

To the peaches, add dry ingredients. Stir to coat.

Season with fresh ground nutmeg and cinnamon!

Step 4: Cut Pie Crusts

Picture of Cut Pie Crusts

Cover your workspace with plastic wrap or a fine dusting of flour or cornstarch.

Roll out pie crusts as thinly as possible - otherwise you'll be eating a mouthful of crust!

Cut with a circle cutter or something similar - I used the lid off of a small jar.

Step 5: Assemble Pops

Picture of Assemble Pops

Gently press sticks into crust. For added security, you can use a scrap of crust to cover the stick.

Add a small dollop of filling to the center.

Cover with another circle of dough. and press edges together securely.

Using the end of a lollipop stick or a fork, crimp the edges.

Step 6: Bake

Picture of Bake

Transfer pops to a baking sheet. Mine is covered with a silicone sheet.

Brush beaten egg white onto crusts.

Cover the sticks with foil to prevent burning.

Bake at 375oF (190oC) for 15 minutes.

Pops are done when they are golden brown!


S189 (author)2010-09-05

I made these with canned blueberry filling for last Thanksgiving. They were a hit!

16zzundel5 (author)2010-07-30

I made them! A lot of them!

aframesq (author)2009-08-20

fried those babies

rosycheecks35 (author)aframesq2016-10-11

that actually sounds good.

MrSalvador (author)aframesq2010-04-07

ewww, deep fried pie? I'll stick to baking :3

Afrogirl (author)MrSalvador2016-01-02

Shut up

red-king (author)MrSalvador2010-07-06

that's how macdonalds does those small pies you can get for dessert isn't it? By deep frying, that is.

MrSalvador (author)red-king2010-07-07

Those are baked

spectacular (author)MrSalvador2011-10-23

Deep fried in New Zealand

spark master (author)MrSalvador2011-04-28

they used to be deep fat fried, I ate enough of them, mayhaps now they are baked though

red-king (author)MrSalvador2010-07-10

yeah... baked in a tub of grease. haha

red-king (author)red-king2010-07-11

or maybe I remember them differently... i haven't had one since i was 8 or 9. seems like they were pretty greasy.

MrSalvador (author)red-king2010-07-11

lot's of lard or shortening in them, but I thought the same. My friend told me otherwise, because she worked there :P

aeray (author)MrSalvador2010-12-15

Fried pies are a southern US traditional food. And tasty.

fn06afranci (author)MrSalvador2010-07-30

only in america, in europe..or aleast england they are fried and crispy...YUM :D

ahellerman (author)2013-12-29

Would anyone know how much pie filling i would need for 200 of these?...... I know it sounds crazy but i am planning on doing 200 of 3 different flavors for my wedding and have no idea how much filling i need

moppphydfjffr (author)2013-06-01

Will ka-bob sticks work

pineappleattack98 (author)2011-03-05

I got inspired by this AMAZING recipe to make pie dumplings and even try my hand at folding samosas. They were awesome but of course with ME making them, a bit messing. here's a pic:

I love dumplings and I love pie so I will LOVE pie dumplings! Please make an instructable for them!

Already have. Sorry dont havethe link now but if u search up pie dumplings and itll come up thanks.

mathews98 (author)2010-11-16

could you use toothpicks instead of lollipop sticks?

spark master (author)mathews982011-04-28

too thin, try fat kabob skewers, or popcicle sticks

Would it be possible to adapt this recipe for non-sweet pies? I'd love a chicken version of this.

mmmm chicken curry pot pies on a stick mmmmm or samosa (potato) on a stick , deep fried mmmmm, chickem in marsala wine thickened up on a stick.mmmm

oh baby

thanks fer the idea all

pineappleattack98 (author)2011-03-05

I used Popsicle sticks and forgot to wrap them in foil. Luckily my house didn't burn and i realized i don't even need to.

mathews98 (author)2010-11-17

Have you ever thought of using different shaped cutters? ( shaped pie pop with a red, white and blue ribbon for july 4th) I think a whole variety of shapes would take these things to the next level of cuteness!!!

pie popper (author)2010-10-08

I'll have to make some of these. XD

No, I wasn't named after these XD :P

colleen41 (author)2010-10-08

I attempted pumpkin pie pops and the mix was too liquidy to get much filling into each pie. Did you do it a special way when you did the pumpkin ones? Thanks!

scoochmaroo (author)colleen412010-10-08

I used Eric's Pumpkin Pie recipe.  It worked out great for me!  I suppose if what you're trying is too liquidy, you could thicken it with either cornstarch or flour.  Good luck!

crazyaboutbeads (author)2010-09-28

This sounds so very good! I might try it!

superMacaroni (author)2010-09-20

I'd like to make these without the sticks so they could be cookies. Pie and cookies are amazing.

Pie cookies! Genius! Ima work on that now!

DevotedShadow (author)2010-07-24

Could I use Popsicle sticks?

reddoor545 (author)2010-07-19

I've been dieing to make these bad boys for a week now. And I will eat them all.. ALL OF THEM

reddoor545 (author)reddoor5452010-07-20

My filling came out a little more watery than the picture- but they turn out fine!

pieman12 (author)2010-06-08

something i found out was 1 medium apple diced is about equal to 2 small white peaches diced. hope this was helpfull

mymixed (author)2010-05-28

nice! Great idea...I made 38 

rebrosier (author)2010-03-15

 I love these pie pops. But I made them nearly a year ago, and I think you should credit  Luxirare with the idea.

Luxirare . com / float - they also have the most fantastic and beautiful pictures on here. 

scoochmaroo (author)rebrosier2010-03-15

They do have beautiful pictures!
And if you follow the links in the introduction, it will take you right to them.

rebrosier (author)scoochmaroo2010-03-16

 So you did! My mistake. Good girl ; )

You've got some lovely lovely recipes on here - can't wait to try the cookies! Yay! 

XxTECHxX (author)2010-03-15

how bout if u make them then stick them in like a fry daddy for a min or 2 u think it would make fried pies try it please let me know....

scoochmaroo (author)XxTECHxX2010-03-15

Great idea!

XxTECHxX (author)XxTECHxX2010-03-15

or even just some cooking oil right? imagine a whole pan fryin up at once and u get to watch them cook and control the texture as they get done....I might try...

mlandhing (author)2010-03-06

stick lollipop make from plastic, right? is that not burn when you baked it? event we cover with baking sheet?

scoochmaroo (author)mlandhing2010-03-06

The ones I've found are made of paper.  And since we're baking them below 451F, there's no danger of them igniting!

mlandhing (author)scoochmaroo2010-03-07

poor me... at indonesia, all lollipo stick made from plastic... bbrrrr

want try these recipe soon... *sigh*

noahw (author)mlandhing2010-03-08

Grab a real stick - like from a tree!  After all, that's what lollipops were made from in ancient times.

struckbyanarrow (author)noahw2010-03-14

they had lollipops in ancient times?, how come my history teacher didn't tell us that?

mlandhing (author)noahw2010-03-08

yeah, i agree... maybe i'll use bambbo stick ... thx a lot

Ghostlore (author)mlandhing2010-03-14

Use wooden chopsticks then.

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