Everyone loves pie - and don't you forget our furry friends!

In this Instructable I show you how to make your dog VERY happy
- and you'll see that my dog "Saruman" would do anything to get one of theese delicious pies!

Special Pie to Special dogs :)


Step 1: Ingredients

For 12 mini-pies

For the Pie-crust :

(g= gram for europe )
7 Oz  (200g) wholemeal flour (rye)
1,8 Oz (150g) oatmeal
1/2 cup ( 50g) wheatflour
1 egg
1 tbs hacked chives
1/2 grated Carrot

2 tbs wet Dogfood
1/2 grated carrot
1 grated potato
1 egg

or whatever your dog loves

you'll need a bowl and a normal-sized baking tin for 12 cupcakes
Chives is no no
It is wonderful recipe thank you for sharing with us and Saruman is so cute:) I think dogs should eat healthy homemade dog food like this not the commercial ones. Commercial dog food are really unhealthy. <a href="http://www.makeusknow.com/categories/animals&pets/what-can-dogs-eat-vs-what-should-dogs-eat.html" rel="nofollow">What should dogs eat</a> is very tough question for somebody because buying commercial dog food and giving their dogs is very easy but many of them know that this is wrong. What you should do is to prepare them healthy food. It is not that hard.
Regularly feeding grain to an obligate carnivore is liable to produce serious health problems. If you care for your pet, you should try to limit this to occasional treats. I managed to cure my dog of crippling arthritis by removing the grain from his food.
Dogs are classified as Opportunistic Carnivores, not Obligate Carnivores. Dogs can synthesize their own taurine.
The point still stands: don't feed your dog on grains.
I'll feed MY dogs what I want. I've managed to cure my dog's arthritis by feeding grains.
What were you feeding it on before ?
Not grain. This line of conversation is ridiculous, don't you think?
That all depends on whether you care for dogs or not. If you are concerned for their welfare, then it is important to feed them appropriately. My experience was that removing a substance from his diet cured his arthritis, whereas yours was that adding that same substance to your dogs diet also cured it. This would seem to require some sort of explanation. Were you also giving your dog lots of junk type food, table scraps, vegetables, etc ?
Hi there, <br>the pies are only ment as very special treats, it's to much work otherwise ;) <br> <br>But thanks for the information - I'll keep that in mind! <br> <br>
Just a quick reminder-when you grate the potato, make sure to peel the skin AND the greens off first. NO exceptions. The greens are highly poisonous. For more info on doggy no-nos, go to dog treat kitchen .com. They have awesome recipes and things to not feed your dogs. By the way, I am not in any way connected to this web site at all. I am merely trying to keep your dogs safe and give a forewarning. I use this website because I happen to own a dog treat company. And yes, I am 12.
If only I could get my dog to let a pie sit on her nose. -__- She'd just scarf it down.
Hey there <br>try to train first that the dog only eats treats on your command - thats quite easy :) <br>have a treat on your opened hand/palm, every time she tries to get it without command, close your hand. <br>wait until she sits nice and quiet -then allow it with a chosen word. <br> <br>Now the dog knows if he sits nice and quiet, there's a chance for the treat :) <br> <br>if that works fine even with treat is laying somewhere out of your reach then you can go to the nose- balancing part :) <br>try something like a cheese-slice or sloppy bread, which doesn't fall off that easy! <br> <br>Good Luck!
These look very fancy. My dog would love them. :)
You have a very handsome dog. I like this idea. I can't treat my poor dog with it though, as she is stuck on a very boring diet of hypoallergenic hydrolyzed protein (yuck) until we can figure out to what she is allergic.
poor dog - hope you find out soon!<br><br>Saruman says: thank you for the handsome :)
.&nbsp; Great iBle!<br> .&nbsp; What breed is Saruman? Beautiful dog. Looks a bit like my Australian Cattle Dog.<br>
Thank you!<br><br>Saruman is a swedish breed called &quot;J&auml;mthund&quot; (you can google it)<br>it's a moose and bear hunting dog.<br>they learn quick so it's very easy to train them.<br>Australian cattle dogs look very nice ( just googled it =) )

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