I was inspired to make these by the cherpumple made by Charles Phoenix. It sounded like an amazing dessert. The only drawback being that one slice is too large for me to eat in one sitting. I decided to make something a little more manageable. 

Step 1:

Spice cupcakes
Spice cake mix
3 large eggs
Coconut oil

Yellow cupcakes
Yellow cake mix
3 large eggs
Coconut oil
Creamy Fudge Icing

Mini Pumkin Pies
Easy Pumkin Pie Mix
2 large eggs
5 oz. evaporated milk
Pie Crust

Mini Cherry Pies
Cherry pie filling
Pie Crust

Mini Apple Pies
Apple pie filling
Pie Crust

Small round cookie cutter
Mini muffin tin
Standard muffin tin
Rolling pin
Cupcake liners
Mini cupcake liners
That is really clever! I love that! I would like the mini apple pie cupcakes :)
Thanks! They were great.
A<em> baby</em> Pake! Who knew?!? ;-D
Have you tried baking them together at the same time instead of doing the pies first?
No, I have not tried that. Although I have thought about frying the pies.
Wow, those look yummy. Why didn't I get one?! LOL
Thanks and sorry we ate them all.

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