Pi(e)Zza Easy and Delicious!





Introduction: Pi(e)Zza Easy and Delicious!

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- delicious
- easy
- no baking skills needed

Let me introduce:

Step 1: Ingredients

you'll need:

Puff pastry
tomato paste
spices you like ( i took pepper, salt, marjoram and oregano)

different filling stuff you like such as:
green pepper
and of course cheese

Step 2: Cut Out the Cover

take the tin to cut out the cover for your pie - as pictured

and you'll get a cover that will fit perfectly

Step 3: Line Your Tin With Pastry

see the pictures

Step 4: The Sauce

just press a small amount tomato paste directly into the pastry-covered tin,
add the spices after your desire and mix it with a spoon.

Step 5: Cut Your Filling Ingredients

i chose olives, green pepper and salami, but you can take pretty much everything - GO WILD! :o)
cut everything into pieces and fill your PieZza!

Step 6: The Cheese

now grate som cheese over your filling

Step 7: Cover and Bake It

now cover your PieZza with the previously cut pastry-cover...

take a knife and cut som fancy airholes :)

bake them in the oven with 392°F for about 20 minutes

Step 8: Enjoy!

out of the oven and the tin
and enjoy!

they taste great!



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    choose whatever you like, cheddar sounds good! Mozzarella would work too!
    Bon appetite

    its looks so yummmyyyyyyyyy...... i m gonna try this...

    Ooooh yum. I am definitely making this. Do not tell my nutritionist!

    1 reply

    I won't ;)
    but don't get addictive... hmmm...or ...why not....
    thanks for the support :)