Piercing Barbie's Ears and DIY Earrings




Introduction: Piercing Barbie's Ears and DIY Earrings

Everyone knows Barbie loves fashion accessories. She has necklaces, bracelets, eyeglasses, headbands and even crowns. But she is missing something: earrings!!!

I decided she needs some, I even found a way to pierce her ears. Although it´s not difficult, it should be done by an adult. I bet you already have at home the materials we´ll need. This is the perfect project to use those leftover beads from other projects. So let's get started!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Thin wire or a paper clip


Small beads

A thick needle (canvas needle)

A Barbie

Step 2: Pierce Her Ears

It's surprisingly easy to pierce Barbie's ears with the needle.

Just find the centre of the doll´s ear lobe, push it firmly until you feel the tip of the needle is inside the head (the pilers could help you to get it through)

Once you feel part of the needle inside the head, take it out and repeat with the other ear.

Step 3: Make Some Earings

Cut a 1in piece of wire.

Make a tiny loop at the end.

String the beads.

Make another loop immediately after the beads.

Twist the remaining wire to one side (as shown in the picture)

Step 4: Put Them on

Just push the wire inside the ear.

Because the hole is tiny the wire will fit snugly and the earrings will stay until you pull them out.

Have fun making different designs!



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