Pierogies - Where polish tradition meets polish vegan

Picture of Pierogies - Where polish tradition meets polish vegan
Pierogies were made in my family for generations and everyone I know loves them!
Due to my recent change to a vegan diet I had to come up with some substitute for a cheese that would be added to traditional polish pierogies. Thanks to science I am able to use Nutritional Yeast instead, which not only adds an amazing cheese flavor but also boosts your system with Vitamin B12!
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Step 1: The Filling

Picture of The Filling
Start with the filling so you will have time to make the dough in the meantime.

Peel 4 Lg potatoes
Boil them until soft (like for puree)

Chop a few cloves of garlic and 2 onions
Saute with some olive oil on medium heat

Step 2: The Dough

Picture of The Dough
Time to make a dough!

It's very easy.
All you need is 2 cups of water and 1 cup of hot (boiling) water

Add water to the flour slowly and stir it with a spoon, you might not need the full cup.
When it's cool enough to touch press it lightly with your fingers to form a ball.

Step 3: Preparing the dough

Picture of Preparing the dough
Roll out the dough and cut out circles for pierogies.
If you have forms for pierogies you can use the back side, if not then use a wide mouth glass, etc. and you will have to close pierogies with your fingers (much more time but same effect).

Step 4: Time to finish the filling

Picture of Time to finish the filling
By now potatoes and onions should be done and all you need to do is mash potatoes and mix them with onions.
Add some salt and pepper for taste
Add 1/2 cup of nutritional yeast

Step 5: Forming Pierogies

Picture of Forming Pierogies
This part is the most fun!

Put some of the filling onto the dough circle and fold it in half.
Close it with your fingers or pierogies form.

Step 6: Frying

Picture of Frying
You're almost done! 

Fry pierogies on both sides with a little bit of oil.

Step 7: The End

Picture of The End
You have just made your first vegan pierogies!

Enjoy them with a side of your favorite dip. We had them with some homemade vegan ranch sauce and sauerkraut!

SUESSP1 year ago
Our family and church has been making pierogis forever. Our family favorites are blueberry, apple, mushroom, onion and jack cheese, we have even made them with elk, onion and jack chese. The family recipe for dough is much different, we add sour cream and salt
grannyjones2 years ago
The best pierogies I've ever had are made with Yukon gold spuds, cream cheese and sharp cheddar, and served with carmelized onions and piles of sour cream.
Some friends of ours made theirs with sausage instead of potatoes; and my hubby's godmother made them with fresh raspberries--Yum.
I will have to try this! I love pierogies but I'm lactose intolerant. And I always eat so many of them I get very sick, haha. This is excellent!
katabu (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thanks, enjoy!
mikebook2 years ago
What is the amount of flour used?
Is it supposed to be 2 cups of flour and one cup of hot water?
katabu (author)  mikebook2 years ago
Yes, 2 cups of flour + 1 cup boiling water.
You will also need some extra flour to roll out the dough.
Good luck and enjoy!