Pies from Scratch

Try these sweet and savory pie recipes from scratch!

The pie has many faces from the fruit and berry pies to the chocolaty sweet pies and even the savory dinner pies.  Check out this awesome collection of pies, crusts, and fillers!
Chocolate Pie style
When you think of chocolate pie, you're thinking of this pie - decadent, luxurious, fudgey chocolate filling baked into a light and flaky crust, topped with homemade whipped cream and chocolate shavin...
quick and easy pecan pie style
Pecan pie is one of my most favorite desserts - this instructable will show you how to do it right! I do NOT approve of these faux pecan pies I see everywhere with only a thin layer of pecans hovering...
Apple Pie Recipe style
This Thanksgiving, enrich your life with the best tasting and easiest to make apple pie recipe on the internet. After all, nothing is quite as American as apple pie except, perhaps, Thanksgiving (a la...
Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie style
I like to keep the cheesecake and the pumpkin separated while most recipes call for them to be mixed together. That's boring! There are so many things you can do! Let me show you how to make a delicio...
Homemade Strawberry Rhubarb pie style
This is a from scratch strawberry rhubarb Pie, crust and all. It is very good and fairly easy to make. Please vote for me in the pie and book contests! Thank you!
Easy Pie Crust style
This fool-proof, simple pie crust recipe ensures a perfect, flaky crust every time. The trick is in the vodka! Being only 80-proof, most of the vodka evaporates in the baking process, meaning the cru...
A Good Old English Shepherds Pie Recipe style
This is my first Instructable, its a recipe for shepherds pie that was taught to me by my mother when I was young. As I have grown up I have made some of my own additions and changes to it. I hope y...
Grandma's Pumpkin Pie style
Here Linuxmom's traditional pumpkin pie recipe. It was handed-down to me from my mother many years ago. I can still see the worn newspaper clipping she'd take out of her cookbook every year the nigh...
Mom's Blueberry Crumb Pie style
When it comes to baking, my mother doesn't mess around. And one of the things she bakes best is blueberry pie. Unfortunately, she only bakes it once or twice a year because she refuses to make it when...
Sweet Potato Pie style
Each year at Instructables we have a holiday cook-off, where everyone makes a traditional holiday dish and we compete to see whose is the best and which recipe will climb the pageview ranks.  I needed...