Step 5: Screw All the Connections and Light It On

Screw the screws on all 4 connections of the iron wire, 2 on the lamp socket and 2 on the connections of the 2 main low voltage current wires, then secure the other screws on the switch or dimmer over the electrical wire that goes into the transformer.

Plug the lamp bulb into the socket, the transformer plug into the wall, switch the lamp  on, enjoy your pietrola lamp.
may i suggest covering in a sort of heat shrink tubbing to prevent short circuiting <br>
there's no real need to prevent short circuits as long as you don't have the will to bend the two iron wire loops in a way that they risk to touch themselves.. <br> <br>even if you do, and they do touch, the 12v current simply stops flowing into the bulb, and it doesn't light anymore until you separate again the wires, but you don't run any risk as it is 12v current; you are just wastin electricity, but you know that's happening because you made the wires touch and the light doesn't work!... <br> <br>of course you can cover the wire with heat shrink tubes (they're in colors too) for aesthetically or &quot;touch feeling&quot; reasons, but that would rise up the cost of the lamp and increase the work involved.
I love the way this lamp looks! Very neat.
I think all halogen bulbs can run pretty hot. They really don't use them in lamps that can tip over or without a guard to keep them from touching things and setting it ablaze. Maybe LEDs or smaller incandescent would be a better choice.
You're right, halogen bulbs are hot things, but you can find same format bulbs filled with LEDs that stay cool... I like the halogen light quality, the LED filled ones cost more, and they have poorer light quality.. I would not go for incandescent as they would require higher voltage and are even more fragile..

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