Step 10: Bottom Assembly

Picture of Bottom Assembly
I take the wire lead, coming out of the side of the piezo module, and I thread it through that section of pen body tube with hole drilled in the center (in Step 8). 

Then I attach the end of this wire to the spring, from the clicky-retractable mechanism, of the Inc(r) Classic Gel. 

I don't solder this connection.  The wire is held in place in the one of the ends of the spring, where the springwire is coiled tightly. See picture 1.

Next, in picture 2,  I slide the tip/bottom terminal and its ink-tube section through the spring, and through the section of pen-body tube.

Next I take it all apart, because I take it all apart, because I decided the length of the ink-tube section wasn't quite right.  It looks like I decided on a length of 3+5/16 inch for the total length of ink-tube and brass tip together. See picture 2. 

Next I put it all back together again, and the completed bottom assembly is shown in picture 4.