Step 2: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
To build my Piezo Pen I used the following materials:
  • 1 Refillable Muli-Purpose Lighter (aka Butane Barbecue Lighter)   (UPC 7-14638-02020-9)
  • 1 Inc(r) brand Classic Gels(r) Retractable Gel Roller Pen (comes in pack of 2) (UPC 7-24328-86012-1)
  • 1 Papermate(r) Eagle(r) Capped Ball Point Pen (comes in pack of 10) (UPC 0-41540-00428-8)
  • solid copper wire, 24 AWG (same gauge as found in CAT5 cable)
  • brass rod, 1/4 inch diameter (length 1+1/4 inches needed)
  • solder 40/60 Pb/Sn, rosin core
  • 1 wooden toothpick, round
These materials are shown in the first pic.  The second pic shows some of the back matter, UPC numbers, company names and addresses, and warnings and stuff, and at least one old US Patent number.

I also used the following tools: 

Third pic shows safety glasses, ruler, pencil, razor blade, wire cutters, tubing cutter, solder, helping hands, soldering gun, small butane torch.

Forth pic shows my small drill press, plus some tools for grinding and smoothing: file, sandpaper, and steel wool.  Also a push-pin for making "starter" holes.

Fifth pic shows my vise and my hack saw.