Introduction: Pig Candy

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Have you ever wanted bacon and candy but you just couldn't make up your mind. Well, now you can have both! Pig Candy is a great treat that will impress your friends and make your neighbors jealous.

What you will need.

12oz thick cut bacon. About 11-12 pieces.
1/3 cup brown sugar.
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1 BBQ foil pan with holes or a broiler pan. A cooling rack will also work.

Step 1: Fitting the Pan to Your Smoker

Picture of Fitting the Pan to Your Smoker

Before you do anything make sure the pan you are going to use will fit on your smoker. As you can see in the picture below I had to bend the corners of the foil grill cover I got at the dollar store so it would fit my smoker.

Step 2: Adding the Bacon

Picture of Adding the Bacon

Place strips of thick cut bacon on the pan. I was able to get 11 strips on the pan I used.

It's ok if the bacon is touching because it will shrink as it cooks. Just make sure it's not overlapped too much.

Step 3: Cooking the Bacon

Picture of Cooking the Bacon

This is best cooked on a smoker but it can be done on a grill if you are careful.

You want the smoker temp to be between 325-350 degrees F. If you are using a water smoker do not add water to the water pan. Line the pan with foil to catch the drippings.

If you are using a grill place a foil pan under the cooking grate to catch the grease.

Place the pan of bacon on the smoker and cook for 20 minutes.

Add 1 handful of wood chips to the smoker. Since bacon is already smoked you do not need to add anymore wood chips ounce those burn out.

Step 4: Make the Topping

Picture of Make the Topping

While the bacon is cooking for the first 20 minutes you will want to make the topping.

In a bowl combine the 1/3 cup of brown sugar and the 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper. I use a fork to make sure the topping is mixed well.

If you don't want it hot just reduce or omit the pepper.

Step 5: Flip the Bacon and Add the Topping

Picture of Flip the Bacon and Add the Topping

After 20 minutes flip the bacon.

Add the topping to the bacon. Close the lid and cook for another 20 minutes.

Try to apply the topping evenly. Heavy spots will just taste like hardened brown sugar. You want the topping to melt and glaze the bacon.

Step 6: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product

After the second 20 minutes the Pig Candy is now ready to enjoy.

Remove the tray of Pig Candy from the smoker and let it rest for a few minutes. Enjoy immediately or store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to a week.

Pig candy is best served as an appitizer and is good warm or cold. It's a hit at BBQs as well as Christmas parties.


The cloud 1808 (author)2016-03-28

bacon is candy by it self many people will agree sorry but u will try it

live4ktm (author)2014-12-12

So simple, yet deadly ! I must try this. Thanks.

The Locksmith (author)2011-05-14

*cleans the drool off his keyboard*

I will make this as soon as I can get my hands on some bacon!

Stereosage (author)2011-04-10

I added a comment on "How To Make Chicken Fried Bacon
by Doggie Stylish" on dredging bacon in flour with a bit of sugar and cooking this way.

We have a recipe for spiced almonds which is very similar to this recipe for Bacon Candy. It's done in a fry pan with brown sugar, coriander and hot pepper flakes. With that recipe you melt most of the sugar in the pan, add the nuts, and when ready, sprinkle on the spices with a bit of sugar mixed in. This recipe should be good!

marky c (author)2010-01-26

I have made this several times with just brown sugar and bacon. So easy and sooo good. The stuff just disappears from the plate. I have been wanting to add peanuts or cashews to make it like a bacon peanut brittle. mmmm

Aprila (author)marky c2010-12-26

It's good with some ground peanuts..... :)

Aprila (author)2010-12-26

I add a little garlic, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, ground cloves, and ground red pepper...... really good!

Screamo (author)2010-09-27

it reminds me of terriyaki . Put some spicy in it :D

Batness (author)2010-09-14

Delicious; try a sprinkle of cinnamon and clove (or just a tad of pumpkin pie spice) in with the brown sugar first. It's sweet and tasty.

Also works great on beef bacon.

janettetsmith (author)2010-09-07


danm95 (author)2009-08-23

To tell you the truth it seems kind of gross, but then again I'm a vegetarian. :p

Lokisgodhi (author)danm952010-08-22

Always give unused pork to your dog or hurl it at the nearest vegetarian, with a cry of 'Catch!'. That'll teach them not to have a sense of humour. -Simon Marchmont [Posh Nosh]

janettetsmith (author)Lokisgodhi2010-09-07

Please don't give it to your dog, they really aren't suppose to eat that kind of stuff (rendered fats, raw bacon, etc) , but you can give it to me.  :)

branonls (author)danm952009-08-23

It's not for you and that's fine. More for the rest of us.

SEAtiger (author)branonls2009-08-24

a vegetarian comment on gross pig candy...more irony

red-king (author)SEAtiger2009-08-26

bacon is good with anything... or nothing for that matter... lol

C18H21NO4 (author)red-king2009-11-17

I think it suffices to say that bacon is bacon. No need to further explain it's awesomeness.

ookikies (author)C18H21NO42010-06-07

Seconded XD

dorotheabrown37 (author)2010-07-27

i lovvve bacon and eery one in my house is always talking down to me about likeing food hummmmma bacon

MissBetsy (author)2010-05-31

 I made it this (memorial day) weekend. To late I found out that I didn't have brown sugar so I replaced it with honey. It was gone in 5 minutes, what a bunch of pigs *grins* Thx for this great idea!

knex_mepalm (author)2010-01-23

 Mmm, peppery sweet bacony pg fatty yummy 4.5 *

Colonel88 (author)2009-11-13

Who wants to join my bacon group?

sir_yoda (author)2009-10-02

bacon is already pig candy, without the sugar! hooray bacon!

Azriella (author)2009-08-22

Yum! These sound like my bacon wrapped chicken bites that I serve as appetizers at cocktail parties! :) I mix brown sugar with chili powder, then I wrap a third of a slice of bacon around a one inch cube of raw chicken breast. I secure the wrap with a toothpick that has been soaking in water. Then roll the wrap in the brown sugar mixture and bake until crispy! Yum! :)

ccrash3 (author)Azriella2009-09-06

I just had a discussion with some friends about bacon. Everyone pretty much agreed that it makes anything taste better. Can you give some specifics about your recipe? Quantity of sugar to chili powder, baking temp? Can't wait to try this! Thanks!

Subvert (author)2009-08-25

I think a little smoked paprika would be pretty good in the brown sugar mix too. (Especially if you were going to do it in an oven instead of slow smoking it).

Grady (author)2009-08-21

Sounds great, as our potluck dish of putting the little Snausages in the crock pot adding a jar of apple jelly & cooking on the low setting for a whole day or so. It's hard to believe that the apple jelly could make this a wonderful tasting meal, but it sure does. I'll have to try the Bacon Candy now.

Subvert (author)Grady2009-08-25

Haha, snausages are dog food. (But I know what you're probably talking about. Like "Little smokies" things).

mbenner (author)2009-08-20

I have been making this for years with a few different ingredients/instructions. I use Sweet n Low Brown instead of brown sugar (for those of us low-carbers or those of you diabetics or just watching your sugar intake) and a little dry mustard as well. Press the mixture into the raw bacon, twist them slightly and put them on a jelly roll pan and bake it for approx 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

Pie Ninja (author)mbenner2009-08-20

Doesn't putting Sweet 'n' Low on bacon sort-of defeat the purpose?

mbenner (author)Pie Ninja2009-08-21

Actually, no. I eat low carb and I can eat bacon, just not sugar. So sweet n low is perfect for me!

Pie Ninja (author)mbenner2009-08-21

I know, but you see the irony right?

At least I think it's irony...

SEAtiger (author)Pie Ninja2009-08-24

hahah..I see the irony..great point...fat-free big mac

Cpt. Caleb (author)mbenner2009-08-21

Hey, I was thinking about making this for a diabetic teacher of mine who loves bacon. and Your saying If I make it with sweet'n'low brown sugar instead of actual brown sugar he can eat it?

mbenner (author)Cpt. Caleb2009-08-23

You could absolutely make this for a diabetic - my brother in law is Type 1 diabetic and he gobbles this up along with my low carb jalapeno poppers that are to die for! (which have lots of bacon and are also great for diabetics) The only issue is that they really need to be controlling their carbs or these could be trouble....

pumpernickel_babe (author)2009-08-23

Oh, I saw this on the Food Network, but I think their version also used maple syrup or molasses or some such "glue".

deathray75 (author)2009-08-22

yummy i think well yes

daisylaines (author)2009-08-22

MMM sounds tres yum gonna try

bigbc (author)2009-08-22

Just last week I was looking for unusual ice cream recipes on the 'net and found one for bacon ice cream. It had a vanilla bourbon ice cream with chopped up candied bacon. I immediately went in the kitchen and made some bacon candy. Didn't last very long, people loved it. Now to make the ice cream....maybe some Nutella swirled in???

branonls (author)2009-08-21

Thanks for all of the great Comments. Make sure you vote for me next week.

cabisson (author)2009-08-21

Made these last night, they were incredible!!! Also caught my oven on fire (did them inside, not on the grill) because my drip pan leaked... but hey, I'm a pyro, so that was fun too!

Aussie joe (author)2009-08-21

Why do you want to kill the pig again with your added stuff???????????Yuk

hereinmyRedJar (author)2009-08-20

I was just at Marini's in Santa Cruz, CA and saw that they had chocolate-covered bacon. Now I get home and see that someone else has come up with a bacon/candy combination! I ought to try this sometime

goodgnus (author)2009-08-19

Or you could just dip cooked bacon in a jar of Nutella. Damn tasty!

WNCmountaingirl (author)goodgnus2009-08-20

OMG yes Nutella is the BOMB !!! wonderful stuff !!! lol....just need a spoon !!!!!!

arzarach (author)goodgnus2009-08-20

Totally agree with you NUTELLA is my favorite chocolate hazelnut spread especially on nuts

Meragness (author)goodgnus2009-08-20

and THEN batter dip and fry it, top with butter, sprinkles and caramel sauce. why the hell not?

AlvinMaker (author)2009-08-20

I'm glad somebody made an Instructable for this. I started doing this a couple years ago for a chili contest. I made a sweet chili that had brown sugar bacon & also a few different kinds of broiled fruit. It's also amazing on pizza. Nice job.

Mhbaben (author)2009-08-20

This looks great. I also saw your BBQ fattie. Not what I usually do, but I'm going to try both. Did you come up with these yourself? I've never seen the like

sundadjaja (author)2009-08-17

It is look like our (Indonesian) beef jerky.... We use coconut brown sugar and dried broken green pepers... It is also used for our fresh-water fish jerky... rgds Sonny

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