Introduction: Pig Spout

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I'm gonna teach you how to make a pig spout!!

Step 1: Base

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Use your own blocks and build what is on the pics.

Step 2: Body

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Build it as high as you want!

Step 3: Crown

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Now this is a modified version of the pig volcano. It shoots the pigs vertically in a machine gun fashion.

Step 4: Setting the Spout

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Place and break blocks to get inside. Go to the bottom so the pigs don't die of the drop. Place at least 50 pigs. Place water so it flows in and out into the hole. Watch the pigs rise. BOOM! Piggies fly!! Place a block to remove water, reset.

Thanks from LLM!


LambdaLegoMan (author)2014-12-30


seamster (author)2014-10-28

Ha ha! This is a pretty funny minecraft build. Thanks!

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