Babies are cute. Animals are cute. Babies with animal parts are cute--or maybe just odd, depending on your point of view.

So this is how to make a baby with a pig's foot. Or really, this is how to cast a plastic pig's foot (or anything else), which you can attach to a baby doll (or anything else). This is simply a specific application of a casting technique that enables you to build molds and cast parts from live and not-so-live parts, which you can then use alone or combine with other objects to make whatever you want.

Step 1: Materials

Note: Polytek is a good source for casting/moldmaking materials--they're extremely helpful, happy to answer any questions, and they can tell you what materials/techniques to use for almost any casting project--but you could get similar materials from a variety of resources.

For Plaster Cast:
Alginate (such as Hydrogel N)

Plaster (the cheap stuff will do)

Plastic or metal conainers (such as disposable aluminum baking pans)

Needle and thread or fine wire

Pig's feet (or other part to be cast) (many ethnic markets have fresh pig's feet available)

Mixing containers

Whisk and plastic or metal spatula

To Prepare Plaster Cast for Mold:
Wood glue

Plaster sanding screens


Paste wax

Paint brush

For Rubber Mold:
Plywood, MDF, or other wood

Wood or drywall screws


Release agent (such as Pol-Ease 2300)

Pourable polyurethane mold rubber (such as Poly 74 or 75 Series)

Rubber bands


Mixing containers

Plastic or metal spatula

Utility knife

For Cast Part:
Pourable polyurethane casting plastic suitable for rotocasting (such as Poly Plasti-Flex Liquid Plastic for flexible parts)

Paint or dyes


Mixing containers

Plastic or metal spatula

For Clean-Up:
Paper towels and clean-up substance recommended with rubbers/plastic, such as denatured ethanol

For Final Product:
Baby doll (preferably with soft body and plastic/vinyl arms/legs/head)

Zip ties, rubber bands, or other attachment mechanism suitable for doll/part

For Safety:
Rubber gloves

Well-ventilated area

Read and follow all directions and precautions found in material safety data sheets, technical bulletins, and labels. Seriously.

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