Introduction: Piggy in a Mud Bath

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In fact there is a piggy ,  but  no mud !

Rice and beans is a popular basic Brazilian dish.

Beans are a source of protein, rich in iron and other important
nutrients to our body. 
And rice is a rich source of carbo. 
Preferentially consume at lunch to have power for the rest of your day.

Simple and tasty : The real Brazilian happy meal .

I would be glad with your vote on the Play with your food Contest  .
Mary Candy

Step 1: Ingredients

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- 2 cup dried Black Beans
- 1 cup chopped Onion
- 1 tsp chopped garlic 
 -  smocked sausage or chopped bacon, about 1/2 cup (or the both) - I used a sort of sausage we have here, called "calabresa".
olive oil
- 1 cup tomato paste
- 1 bay leaf or in powder [optional]
cumin powder, a pinch brown pepper 
salt and  black pepper

2 cups brown or white rice
Salt and 1.2 tsp chopped garlic saute in a tsp oil

- 1.2 Sliced Carrot 
- 1.2 Green Peppers
- 1 Slice of Cheese
- Aluminum cutters

For ears and snout
- I Slice Ham 

Step 2: Directions:

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While the beans cook, prepare the part that’s gonna boost the flavor: 

- Saute the chopped onion, garlic and bacon or smocked sausage;  The delicious smell will take over your kitchen, that’s for sure!
- Add the spices and the tomato paste. Bring it to a boil.

Once the bean is cooked ..
Add the cooked beans and some of the water that turned into broth to the onion mixture.
Cover the pan and cook over low heat, stirring every now and then.
Let it simmer, because then you’ll have a very thick and dense broth.

Cook the rice as usual.

Step 3: Cutting the Flowers

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Use a knife or aluminium cutters. 

Step 4: Assembling the Dish

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Press some rice into a  small bowl .
Set on the plate .
Put some beans around this circle.

Cut triangles of ham for the ears and a circle for the snout.
Place the carrots flowers .


Step 5: Enjoy Your Meal

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Bom apetite !


tj-reyes (author)2016-01-28

so cute, kids would love it

PeckLauros (author)2011-12-18

Que maneiro! Tadinho do porco. Vai entrar na faca...

mary candy (author)PeckLauros2011-12-31

much worse .. better not to say it here :P

M.C. Langer (author)2011-10-05

Voted. Five stars. Delicious!! :-)

mary candy (author)M.C. Langer2011-10-06

Woo-hoo ! thnx ;*

Puzzledd (author)2011-10-04

Another original, cute idea...and interesting to hear about Brazilian cooking... bravo, Mary Candy and good luck in the comp!

mary candy (author)Puzzledd2011-10-04

thx friend :)
If you come someday to Brazil, you are invited to have a lunch at me .

Puzzledd (author)mary candy2011-10-04

Thanks, Mary Candy, I'd love to visit Brazil, it sounds like a fascinating country- who knows, maybe one day I will meet up with you :)

We have just come home to Australia this morning from a holiday in China; that was a wonderful place, too!

mary candy (author)Puzzledd2011-10-04

Wou , China must be amazing !
In Australia I never have been there , but I'm sure it's also a fabulous country .
Maybe someday I get a trip around there.

Have a nice week :*

Puzzledd (author)mary candy2011-10-04

There are lots of things to see and do in Australia! We don't usually see wild cassowaries, though, so your Mum is very lucky to have one near her garden!
If you ever come to Melbourne, let me know:)

mzafar1 (author)2011-09-28

so lovely

mary candy (author)mzafar12011-09-29

;) nice you like it.

Chirpoff (author)2011-09-29

Best wishes in the contest, MC! +1 :D

mary candy (author)Chirpoff2011-09-29

thx ;) kiss

Reblin (author)2011-09-26

very cute n appears very tasty!

mary candy (author)Reblin2011-09-27

Thx mr. Reblin ! next time I'm going to make a real Feijoada and you will be invited .

bajablue (author)2011-09-26


mary candy (author)bajablue2011-09-26

Thx bajablue ;)

putty1cat (author)2011-09-26

Beans with rice is equal to meat!

mary candy (author)putty1cat2011-09-26

LOL fact !

sunshiine (author)2011-09-26

Very cute Mary! So glad you are sharing again.
Have a beautiful day!

mary candy (author)sunshiine2011-09-26

Thx friend!

iceng (author)2011-09-26

Cool Hot dish,  Voted for you and gave you five.


mary candy (author)iceng2011-09-26

Thx very much dear ;)

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