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Pigs in blankets, PIGS IN BLANKETS! Homemade meaty sausages wrapped in bacon; if you don't want that, you're only lying to yourself.

I first made this for a Christmas side-dish and I'm not going to lie, I buggered it up. Didn't mix the chili powder in properly, some people got big ol' mouthfuls of the stuff and some didn't get any. Don't do that. This time was good though, promise.

What you'll need is:




Anyway, ONWARD!

Step 1: Step 1: Grinding the Ancillary Bits

Picture of Step 1: Grinding the Ancillary Bits

So on this particular occasion, I decided I was going to make pork and apple in a "one kilo of pork to one apple" ratio. I also stuck some mustard seeds, crushed chili (I'm not one to learn from my mistakes), salt and pepper in there.

Start by dicing your apple up, removing the core. Take the skin off too, while you're at it. It'll only get stuck between your teeth, and once it's in there it's going to bug you for hours. Shove that apple and any spice in a food processor along with a tablespoon or two of your favourite flour. I used almond flour, but you can use whatever suits your own personal preference, hippy allergy*, or even a real condition. The choice is yours!

Get it all blended up nice and coarse. Too fine and you've just got a paste on your hands. It'll work, but where's the fun in textureless food? Stick it in a bowl to one side.

*not an allergy to hippies, but a dislike of certain foods that you'll tell people you're intolerant to regardless of medical evidence

Budlitefan74 9 months ago
gonna have to try them.
seamster1 year ago

Nice! These look tasty. I love that you made your own sausage mix. YUM!

Seph Cameron (author)  seamster1 year ago

Cheers, definitely worth a go!