Pigs in Space Logo Hand / Cheek Art



Introduction: Pigs in Space Logo Hand / Cheek Art

Make one of the most classic logos from a popular Muppet Show sketch with this cute hand / cheek art design that is clearly out of this world!

Step 1: Sketch It Out

To make this, I began with a light sketch of where my colors will go using a white eyeliner pencil.

Step 2: Pink Pig

Next, I took some light pink paint (Mehron Paradise) and use it for the pig's head.

Step 3: Black

Then, I took some black and used it to fill in the circle around the pig, along with some ears, eyes, and a cute little snout.

Step 4: Yellow

Then, with some yellow, I filled in the lightning bolt intersecting from either side of the circle.

Step 5: Dark Pink

Then, using dark pink (you can also use red if you like), I outlined the circle and the lightning bolt.

Step 6: Stars

Finally, I drew some white stars on the top and bottom of the logo, and it's done!

Step 7: Done!

The colors in this ensemble look so bright, just like the actual Spaceship Swinetrek!



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