Pikachu Costume/cosplay!


Introduction: Pikachu Costume/cosplay!

About: I work at instructables by day, and turn into a stitch witch by night. follow me on instagram @jessyratfink to see what i'm working on! ^_^

I threw this costume together with virtually no planning beforehand and finished it four hours before I was supposed to be at the party. I originally fancied making an instructable for it, but I think it would have went something like this:

"So I sewed this to this, and cut out these pieces, and then realized I had none of that and this next part is completely winging it."

The costume is made entirely of yellow fleece and brown felt, which cost me nothing! Hooray fabric stash! The ears are handstitched, stuffed and colored and glued to a headband. The dress was based off my favorite stretchy sheath dress. The tail is three layers of fleece and two layers of cardboard and it's glued in placed and then sewed as well. If anyone would like more details about the ears and tail, I can probably help you out, but I wouldn't take my advice on clothes. I am still learning and the dress was exciting at best. :P

So here is my absolutely epic and fangirlish Halloween costume - which the checkout guy at Kroger rated as the "Best Halloween Costume" he had ever seen - complete with cameos from Mark Twain, a Robot, Gay Teen Wolf, Pam Beasley, The Byronic Man and other assorted characters. Enjoy!



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    I have seen a lot of instructables with cosplay in their title! What does cosplay mean??

    Good job on the make!

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    Costume play is what it means in simple terms

    what cosplay means is dressing up as one of your fave. characters from a show, TV series, movie, videogame, etc. it shows the cosplayer's love for whatever they are dressing up as.

    You are so super cute I can't even stand it! I can't wait to see what you're doing for Halloween this year!

    Hey! I LOOOOVE your costume and I really wanted to be Pikachu for halloween, but I can't sew.... and I was just hoping you'd tell me how you made the tail and ears? because I would just wear yellow leggings and a yellow tank top. But I really wanna know how to make the tail and ears?

    This is plain freakin' sweet!

    WOW u look hot

    I love this costume, and you are too adorable!

    Great outfit. You should be designing stuff for the runway at this point. And the cat in the one photo totally rocks...

    Awesome job! That's brilliant, even more so for the fact your threw it together!

    Definitely one of the best Pokemon costumes ever.