Pill Bottle Survival Kit





Introduction: Pill Bottle Survival Kit

This is a very simple and mini survival kit that covers the essentials of survival Enjoy!!!

Step 1: Contents

-Empty pill bottle
- 3 mini straw fire starters ( have an instructable on that)
-3 matches
-1 bandage
-1 striker
-1 hook
-1 weight
- tinfoil
-some fishing line
- razor blade
-2 safety pins
- 3 feet of duct tape
- 2 advils
- 1 birthday candle
- whistle made from straw
-Neosporin in a straw
-salt in a straw



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Quality whistle (shrill type) made of metal on a neck chain for anyone even children who can get lost in the neighborhood or can be in a threatening position. For outdoor people if on a belt or in a pocket it is faster and closer than fishing in the pockets or trying to unhook it from a belt. Sound carries farther than voice (voice only lasts so long. Also also if in a threat position can scare of a predator (animal or human).

Great idea...where's the "instructable" part??? For those who aren't crafty or handy, it might help to have instructions on how to make a straw whistle, etc.

My wife's Girl Scout troop used to make mini survival kits, but since they were being made for the masses, (children included), pill bottles were not an option because a child is not supposed to know how to open child resistant bottles. Even removing the lock wasn't an option because all any smart kid had to do was see how it was disabled and do the same thing to a bottle with pills in it. We got around that issue by using plastic bottles that weren't orange and had normal screw on tops.

It's nice but it's too damned frugal. If your going to go all wilderness, you may as well bring a small handline AND a couple of small packs of hooks, swivels and sinkers - because where is ONE hook and 6 feet of line going to get you - and when you lose it, then what?


You can also rig up the hand line, with GOOD quality fishing line, and LOTS OF IT. And in the internal volume of the hand line, you can more or less use it's internal space to pack survival things into = no wasted space. And as sucky as this sounds, if a BIC disposable lighter is lightly sprayed on the flint and wheel, with a tiny amount of WD 40 - which is then towelled off, and then packed in it's own water tight container - it's a pretty much guaranteed source of fire no matter what.


And get yourself a DECENT and VERY SENSIBLE survival type knife. I really recommend the Bear Grylls Folding Scout Pocket Knife - and buy one from an AUTHORISED RETAILER and not a FAKE POS from Flea Bay.


Here is where to find the AUTHORISED sellers from Info@gerbergear.com

OR apparently buy direct from the factory. weborders@gerbergear.com




As a little bit of family therapy type issues here, this smacks of emotional and personal poverty - kind of like trying to make $10,000 worth of survival from 10c worth of resources.


Contact this guy.



Nice, simple, small but usable, cheap (I mean super affordable), kit. Should consider add a condom (or two) without lub to have a water container. Replace it every year or so as they are a bit fragile. I know you don't have much space but a tiny fire rod should be included also.

For a good waterproof container, the M&M mini container is waterproof. My hubby uses one to hold his cigarettes and matches when we go rafting. Bonus, it floats in water too, if you happen to drop it.

I collect these, using for kits, plus bright colors make easy to spot. And you could color-code one for each member of family. or color-code for each set of items in a larger kit. Red for fire, blue for water, etc.

I really like the idea, but I would use wind-proof survival matches :))

very handy survival kit.

Small but very handy :)

This is a nice little kit for carry around purposes. I think that one of the greatest things that happens when someone posts their idea of a survival kit, whether it be big or small, extended use or day pack, is the very interesting fact that for those who examine it in venues such as this, as you can see in the comments, are ideas. It gets people thinking, then coming up with either improvements or their own version and we all benefit. Well done Mike!