Picture of Pill Bottle Survival Kit
This is a very simple and mini survival kit that covers the essentials of survival Enjoy!!!

Step 1: Contents

Picture of Contents
-Empty pill bottle
- 3 mini straw fire starters ( have an instructable on that)
-3 matches
-1 bandage
-1 striker
-1 hook
-1 weight
- tinfoil
-some fishing line
- razor blade
-2 safety pins
- 3 feet of duct tape
- 2 advils
- 1 birthday candle
- whistle made from straw
-Neosporin in a straw
-salt in a straw
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RobinC21 month ago

How much tinfoil?

Nitronic103 months ago

Dude your kit is awesome and im following you

TechfellowTP3 months ago

I always used to waterproof matches for camping by dipping the ends in wax...

Kmm11453 months ago
Would wrapping teflon tape(plumbers tape) wrapped around the bottle locks work I wonder for waterproofing?
Gula6 months ago
You can put a small o ring into the lid and make the whole thing waterproof
Linda1956 Gula4 months ago

Love that ideal. I think I would glue a piece(to fit) of sand paper into the inside of the bottle cap. Those strikers go bad really fast.

Lord_Sampie4 months ago

I really like the idea, but I would use wind-proof survival matches.

Emperor Towhid10 months ago


Your grammar is correct!

x burn10 months ago

oooh nice very simple and we really enjoy

great kit. more stuff than I put in a "one nite stand", a kit you always carry in your pocket is always better than the larger more complete kit that's still in the truck

asunami1 year ago

Seems like a good collection, but I think that you would still need some proper knife and some windup battery for light and radio.

I use a 8-10 oz.drink bottle from like a convenience store in my bug out bag. It holds a little more,the mouth is wider,and it's already waterproof.(down to about 20-30 feet,don't ask how I know that.)lol

What about sugar?
I found these to be perfect for bug out bags..

cmoore19812 years ago
This is such a great idea! Do you have a website Micahel? I am new to this and would love to know how to make the things needed for this kit. Thanks!
Go to: teotwawkiblog.blogspot.com and then search for Altoids survival kit. He had a contest and got about 30 entries, it has a lot of good info for surviving anyways.

NOTE: I do not own, nor am i affiliated with that blog. I just find it a nice blog.
Interesting concept. You should check out my survival kits and lemme know what ya think.
dwilliams602 years ago
Good stuff, though I live in the tropics and teach jungle survival. Priority #1 is water. 3 feet of duct tape could be replaced with water purification tablets. Everything you need here you get from bamboo. A folding saw is invaluable and infinitely better at cutting bamboo than a knife. Bamboo makes water containers, shelter, and tools (hunting, eating, etc). A fire striker and a Vaseline-impregnated cotton ball are my second choice for fire starting. #1 is a small lighter (in a double zip-topped baggy). Of course, the things I'm listing don't fit into a pill container, but I don't mind carrying more.
carsons232 years ago
Great idea. I would include 2 baby aspirin, in case someone is having a heart attack. I would include a large sturdy sewing needle. Love the mirror in the lid idea from another commenter,
love all these ideas
now if they would just make those metal key chain pill bottles slightly larger....
I also have to cheat and carry a 1oz whiskey flask filled with lamp oil in my pack and magnesium stick!
bcavaciuti2 years ago
Great idea gonna make one soon...just one addition... fishing line it takes up little space if your clever about it (maybe glue a toothpick in the cap and wrap it round it) and you can use it not only for fishing but for snares or minor lashing :)
if you are not sure it's waterproof,place every thing in a condum, tie it off and place in the container
MicahelRoss (author)  panzerfaust3793 years ago
Good suggestion
maybe a sugru seal could be made or rubber or maybe a rubber seal salvaged of something else
Wow! that is really thinking out of the box! I like it!!!!
deastin2 years ago
This is a great idea for all to be ready for anything! Thanks! I have a suggestion to add to this. I would glue a tiny round mirror on the cap or bottom of the bottle for a signal if you are lost or in case you run out of matches you can start a fire. You can get them at craft stores in the bead or scrapbooking aisles that will be just about the right size for this bottle. Just an idea to add to your great one!
This is pretty cool check mine out
bug out bag http://livetoseetomorrow.blogspot.com/2013/03/bug-out-bag.html
EDC http://livetoseetomorrow.blogspot.com/2013/02/my-literal-pocket-survival-kit.html
For a good waterproof container, the M&M mini container is waterproof. My hubby uses one to hold his cigarettes and matches when we go rafting. Bonus, it floats in water too, if you happen to drop it.
JensonBut2 years ago
Thank you for this. It made my first attempt at this project a breeze and slightly impressed the wife! hehe
Can I take this to the hunger games?
lwright122 years ago
Oh, I get it. I'm supposed look at this meager collection and realize that, unless I'm MacGuyver, survival is futile and then slash my wrists with the razor blade and pour salt into the wounds for good measure. Am I right?
Mccoolstuff2 years ago
@ stevenrterry, yes if they are screw-on or childproof. Nice work. I'd recommend a few more matches, and a nice big piece of wax paper.
Fixemup932 years ago
How did you make the whistle out of straw?
Dee2012 years ago
Not only is this an excellent concept, but the author has presented it well and is courteous in his responses, comments and further suggestions towards his article with a positive sense of dignity and respect.
I am going to make one of these for every one of my family members!
Are pill bottles waterproof?
If that is a concern for you, you may be able to find rubber or silicone gaskets/string at your local home improvement store that might fit into the groove in the lid. Maybe plumber's tape would work, too?
MicahelRoss (author)  stevenrterry3 years ago
Some are waterproof and some not, you'll have to try them out. The one I have is pretty much waterproof. Thanks!!
SNACKS3 years ago
I like It Have you ever gone fishing with just a hook and sinker and some string?
it would be a fun Skill to test ( I know I can get a fish with a pole and bate) but can you get with stuff you find? I'll have to test My self with my kit... Thanks

Add a tube of Honey for A Fast Sugar rush....
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