Over 125,000 Americans die annually from not taking medications properly. This includes forgetting to take the medication, consuming the incorrect amount, and/or in the wrong manner. As people age, they tend to lose their memory and forget small details. Pills, whose presence has been steadily growing in the medical field, are meant to save their lives, yet elderly people are not able to take them due to memory loss and the struggle to take the exact amount of pills in the correct manner. Our product, the Pill Dispenser, will solve the problem of forgetting to take the correct amount of pills at the correct time. The Pill Dispenser has the functionality of being able to dispense the amount of pills specified by the user and notify the user via text messaging to ensure that the user takes his or her pills. 70% of elderly people have cellphones, making the text messaging system an efficient method. The pill dispenser is a fully automated robot which will work and control itself once the user puts his/her medication inside the robot. Although there are similar models, the Pill Dispenser is fully automated and the most cost effective. By implementing a breakthrough design to capture only one pill, this dispenser is the most economical and effective device to date. Our ultimate mission is to save many lives - lives that may be lost simply due to the elderly forgetting to take their medication.

Step 1: Collecting the Supplies

- An Arduino board

- Three pill containers (Height: 2 ¼ inches, Radius: 1 ¼ inches)

- Three servos

- One DC Motor

- Three 3-D Printed Cones

- Wood (Base and frame)

- Three vibrators

- Tools

- Rectangular plastic piece

<p>I am impressed. Now you need to work on one that crushes the pills. All my husband's meds had to be crushed and mixed with a liquid. Crushing was very hard since I have arthritis in my hand.</p>
<p>That's a great idea for a second prototype. I am hopeful we can improve the design.</p><p> The student that design the pill machine presented their idea at the IEEE international conference at Columbia University. The idea was well like. Thank You.</p>
<p>Pretty cool!</p>

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