Picture of Pill bottle storage rack
Recycle used pill bottles into something you can use in your workshop  I have lots of old prescription pill bottles that I use for small parts, but they haven't been organized well until now. Here is how I built a pill bottle storage rack that will hold 22 pill bottles to store small parts.  I built it at TechShop in Round Rock, TX.
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Step 1: Create file and send to laser

I used CorelDRAW on a TechShop computer to create an image that is 24" long by 3.5" wide (the size of the boards I got from Lowe's) with 11 evenly spaced 1.5 " diameter circles.  I added the date and other information so I'll know when I made this.  I wanted to see how the laser engraved the text as well as how it cut the holes.

I used 0.5" thick pine from Lowe's for the two rows of my Pill bottle storage rack. The Trotec laser made 6 passes in order to cut out the holes for the pill bottles. 

Step 2: Cut the sides

Picture of Cut the sides
I had another 24" long by 3.5" wide board with spacer holes that I used for the sides.

I cut this board 10.5" from one end at a 45 degree angle to end up with the two pieces for the sides.

I used 9.75" long pieces of 0.5" thick by 3.5" wide pine as the base on each side of the rack to hold the sides.  I used 1.25" self-drilling wood screws to hold everything together.

Step 3: Finished product

Picture of Finished product
Here's a close up of the Pill bottle storage rack with the laser cut holes and some of the pill bottles.
Piney1 year ago
Or you could change your diet and lifestyle and say goodbye to pills

I have one word for you....(you must be young)...Parkinsons.

taria2 years ago
this isn't a bad idea in fact I think it's brilliant since my step father's hand shakes and he knocks all his pill bottles over trying to grab just one. But what about not have it a tilt so you can see the labels? or what do you do about the fatter bottles? I know I'm being to picky..sorry :)
alcurb taria1 year ago

Regarding seeing the labels, I think you can, it is just the photos were taken at an angle and you can't see the labels from that view. Yet I agree that adjustable tilt would be a nice feature.I agree with you that an assortment of holes would work great. Although it's a little hard to anticipate what size bottles the pharmacist is filling on your next refill. LEDs would be useful because the horizontal wood pieces would cast a shadow over the labels under overhead lighting. The LED strips are so cheap nowadays.

Very nice idea! I can see this having lots of uses :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
doo da do2 years ago
I have nine scripts this will be great, thinking outside the box. Gotta love it
Thanks for this wonderful idea! This will make it a lot easier to keep track of my pills, and when to order again.