This is a pair of static props placed on the tops of gate columns leading into the gated main drive of the property. The desire of the crew was to have two gargoyles placed at the entrance to the gate leading up to the large abbey. This would give a menacing and interesting look to the front of the display, as well as frame the large cemetery sign that reaches over the driveway from column to column.

Step 1: The Brick Base

The bases of the two gargoyles was made of plywood and then covered in pink insulation foam. The foam was dremeled to create a grout pattern that matched the existing brick work on the column.

Making pink insulation foam look like brick:

1. Pink foam has a grain, make sure the grain is horizontal with your brick pattern.

2. Draw out the 8’x4’ block pattern. Brick rectangles overlap in the middle of each row.

3. Dremel out the grout lines with a Dremel Trio, circular saw or Dremel Polishing Tip.

4. Rough up the surface with a wire brush using horizontal strokes.

5. Clear excess foam from the grout lines using a stiff bristle brush or air compresser nozzle.

6. Use a heatgun to open up the grout lines and scuff marks, taking care not to burn or overheat the foam. This will also create a hard finished surface.

The brick base was done to attempt to deceive the eye of the viewer as to where the column begins and the prop starts. A row of two bricks was textured into the base, and then a plaque was placed in the center of each gargoyles street facing side.

<p>Wow, that is really cool. </p>
<p>Totally awesome! My family is insane about Halloween. It takes all year to get ready! I want to borrow your idea and scale it down a bit (no pillars around here!). </p>
wow! You guys do great work.
Put my name on one of these for when you decide to replace them.
:) No time soon - but you will be the first to know.

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