Step 2: Cutting Pieces for the Foundation

To make the tabs on the top section of the hat, trace around the oval and then measure 1/2" all the way around oval. Cut out oval on the outside line. Draw the cutting lines 1/2" apart for the tabs. Cut on these lines up to but not past the inside oval. Fold tabs up. For the side section of the hat, measure 2" strips across a cereal box. Cut out the strips.
Such great instructions and ideas. I have a early 60's themed conference that has encouraged us to wear something during that era and needed a pill box hat to match a modified dress that I worked on. I used the part that I cut off to make a matching pill box hat. I only had to buy the netting ( in the clearance bin) and ribbon (with a coupon). I made a solid black one as well to wear for the "retro cocktail" banquet night. This was fun! Thanks again for the great pictures and easy instructions.
<p>this is so pretty...The instructions are awesome....I am making a black hat with a red trim..I am driving my grandaughter to her formal in out 1964 mustang so wanted to dress for the era...I have a white with black spot Jacky O dress Red shoes and belt and now a beautiful pillbox hat with red piping.....Never made a hat ever before so very pleased...I'll post pics later when all done....happy hatting everyone..</p>
<p>I have always had issues with a small head, so have a difficult time finding hats that stay on me. Is this a &quot;One Size Fits All&quot; pattern? If so, where do I make the size adjustments to make it smaller?</p>
<p>It would be a good idea to measure around your head and cut out the piece that goes around the head first and then cut the top of the hat to fit that. Make a sample out of the cardboard and see if that fits, keep adjusting until you get the size you need and make a pattern before you cover it with fabric.</p>
<p>I love hats and have trouble purchasing them in my size (tiny head). Seems that men's hats come in multiple sizes, but those who make ladies hats think we all have the same size head! Although a man's hat can be dressed up with ribbons, flowers, or feathers, it will be nice to have a hat that is designed for a woman! (and made by me!)</p><p>Thanks for this well written and illustrated instructable. </p><p>Will check out the other viewer's suggestion about the oatmeal box.</p><p>Wren</p>
Absolutely awesome. I'm gonna get my sis n sit down n make us some hats. These are gorgeous!!!
This hat is pure genious!
Love this project -- great instructions/photos! I made one for my little chihuahua &lt;3
Oh my goodness! that it just adorable! Thank you for sharing!
wow! This is really nice, i love the blue one you made :)
I love this! I will add this to my wish to make list! I have everything I need. Thanks for sharing. <br>Sunshiine
My great grandmother used to use the end of an oatmeal box because it was already the perfect shape. She'd just cut it to the height she wanted.
This is very well done, and a great way to make something spectacular from objects you have around the house, rather than investing in specialty materials. You've obviously put a lot of thought and time into this! Thank you so much for sharing.
This is awesome! Who would have thought that could turn into such a great thing. Using just a fraction of the imaginative energies you have, you can save yourself some cash.&nbsp; I think what I read in the article <a href="http://personalmoneynetwork.com/moneyblog/2012/04/27/uses-for-cereal-boxes/" rel="nofollow">&quot;Discovering new uses for cereal boxes&quot;</a> is true, we can use cereal boxes for all kinds of tasks. This is so great!
This is just so adorable! I've been thinking I've been wanting a special hat, but I don't like to waste money on it. This is just perfect!

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