Picture of Pillow Case from a T-Shirt with screen print border
I had seen instructions on how to turn a t-shirt into a "pillow case" style jumper. However, the illustrator/graphic artist in me wanted to do some screen printing too. What's better than a wonderful floral border?
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Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
You really do not need much else other than the t-shirt (usually an adult large) and whatever you're going to use for the tie strings.

Don't stop there though - go crazy decorating! Add jewels, appliques, iron on transfers - or as this instructable shows - screen printed floral border.

For screen prints you can use any type of t-shirt material. For iron on transfers, I have found that 50/50 t-shirt material is the best. Cotton tends to have too much "moisture" within it that the ink does not adhere well.

When in doubt, read the instructions on whatever image process you are using. 

Step 2: More advice

Picture of More advice
I use iron on bonding tape for the small rolled edges to finish off the cut edges. You do not have to use this but I have difficulty making such small edgings with just an iron. It's your preference.

If you're using iron on transfers - make sure you're using a white or off-white t-shirt. Iron on's will not work with most other colors. Even if you're screen printing - make sure you're using OPAQUE inks for darker colors.

Again - read the fine print for the medium you're using.

Step 3: Fold the t-shirt

Picture of Fold the t-shirt
Fold the t-shirt exactly in half.

Step 4: Cut out the "dress"

Picture of Cut out the
I have drawn a "pattern" for the cutting line. 


Step 5: What length do I need?

Picture of What length do I need?
I have found out on the internet some basic guiding lengths for "pillow case" style dresses. You can also measure your child from the point where the top of the dress would land (the gathered part) to the hem.

If you are using my pattern - just move it up or down the length of the t-shirt. Use the t-shirt hem as your hem - no need to have extra sewing!
sunshiine2 years ago
Such a pretty dress! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day~