This is an adorable, upcycled dress I made out of an old flannel pillowcase! After making it, I realized that it would be perfect for the Make-to-Learn instructables contest.

Answers for the Make-to-Learn contest: One day I was searching through a pile of old Tshirts and rags in my basement, and found a practically untouched sheet set, in the rag pile because of a doggy-defiled bottom sheet. So the pillowcase was good as new! I sewed it (on a sewing machine, but with some patience it could be hand-sewn) into an charming night dress. I was feeling pretty flexible, so the specifics of the project fluctuated slightly as I was making it, a solely make-at-home, lazy weekend type of project. I was surprised how open-ended it could be, so if I did it again, I would try switching up some of the specifics (i.e. hem length, shaping, buttons instead of elastic, etc.). I'm really proud of how easy it was to pull off, and I hope that other people think so too!

(This is my first instructable, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!) 

Step 1: Materials

• Pillowcase
• Sewing scissors
• Pins
• Elastic (optional but recommended) (I used 1/2 inch wide elastic)
• Iron (optional but recommended)
• Sewing machine with buttonhole maker (again, optional but recommended)
• Seam ripper (not pictured)

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