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Hello people! Here's a family favorite it's great for snacking on crackers, on bread for a pimento cheese sandwich, goes great on a hamburger the sky's the limit for this great spread. This recipe initially has a mild kick but can be amped up with a little extra cayenne according to your own tastes.

Step 1: Pimento Cheese Spread

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OK let's go over the ingredients ( keep in mind this is a simple recipe so the better the ingredients the better the taste)

1. 8oz shredded extra-sharp cheddar

2. approx. 4oz pepper jack cheese (shredded)

3. 1pkg philly cream cheese (softened)

4. 1/4 tsp onion powder

5. 1/4 tsp garlic powder

6. 4oz jar diced pimentos

7. 1/3 cup mayo

8. pinch (+) cayenne powder

Step 2:

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In a mixing bowl add your cream cheese, onion powder, garlic powder, mayo and pinch of cayenne using a blender mix well. Give it a little taste you can decide here if you want to add a little more cayenne or not just don't forget you're adding pepper-jack (little too mild for me I usually wind up adding more cayenne) later too.

Step 3:

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Now add your cheddar, pepper-jack and pimentos using a spatula fold them into the cream cheese mix to avoid breaking up the shredded cheese too much this keeps the spread from becoming a cheese mush. Time to taste it! My favorite is on a Ritz cracker then you can decide if you're going to share with others or keep it all to yourself!

Here's a couple options:

diced jalopenos ( for the adventurous)

Crumbled bacon

Good Luck!


wold630 (author)2016-04-12

Sounds really good!

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