Step 14: Winter Tires

Picture of Winter Tires
These can be expensive, but they are totally excellent on hardpacked snow or ice. Beware - in soft snow, they are just like regular tires - slippery.
One can manufacture snow tires using regular knobbly tires, 300 or so 3/8 inch Robertson screws, an awl , a square tip screwdriver, and a couple of days worth of time. I'll try to dig up a recipe for them. Beware, snow tires have a lot of rolling friction, due to their studs, and feel different handling wise. They are kind of like wearing heavy boots: After a season of using them, you'll be amazed at how summer tires roll so easily. My wife bought me my studded tires (Shame on me) and I chucked out my homemade ones (More shame on me).
frankvanw14 years ago
I used studded tires in the winter here in SW Ontario. Wholly agree that their is alot of friction from the big knobs. A short trip (which I had, about 7 kms.) they are ideal, longer trips they may be very tiring. The studs 'crackle' when on clean pavement. Also, nothing will help you on wet ice, just don't turn. Don't ask how I know. :)