Pimp My Henry Vacuum Cleaner





Introduction: Pimp My Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Having been a big fan of instructables for a while now I have been trying to figure out how to contribute my own how to. I am rubbish at inventing things but as a Butler I am quite good with tidying up and making do and mend.


Cylinder type vacuum cleaner (mines a Henry)

LED Parasol lights.






I am getting a bit old and the eyes are not as good as they used to be, couple this with the energy saving bulbs that are now popular but less bright in most cases and vacuuming under the dining table can be a but hit and miss.

I bought a parasol light and a pack of batteries and still had change from a fiver, placed it around the vacuum cleaners tube near the brush end and the difference is incredible.

I have made a little video to show what I mean. Couldn’t be any simpler.  



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    don't view video!
    Please repair

    That's quite good! I could see that working well under furniture. :D

    I remember getting a henry hoover when ours broke...

    It immediately led to my brother and I walking in to rooms and singing henry henry hoover!