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If you can'´t offer the money to buy a good digital Microscope, now you can print out my CAD model pimp your cheap Microscope to a digital one with a iPhone 6/6S. If you're good with CAD it's easy to make this Adapter for any Smartphone and Microscope. At work we had an Microscope (for about 1000$) and this "cheap" one with the iPhone works better.

Step 1: Step 1: Make It Fit

First look for a Cover CAD Model for your Phone Model. You can find something on www.youmagine.com or www.youmagine.com

Than hold your Smartphone with the back camera on the eyepiece. Try to measure the length of the distance between printed cover and eyepiece. Write down the measured length.

<p>Very clever idea!</p>
Thank you!

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