Turn an inexpensive RC Helicopter into a Flying Spycam! Even "borrow" (cough) some money from your sleeping friends (cough)...
Althoug this video is <strong>FAKE</strong>, some good can still come from it. Like the idea for actually doing this. Its a great <strong>Idea</strong> for an instructable but a terrible and cheap attempt at fooling anyone.<br/>
<strong>IT IS A FAKE </strong><br/>
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Lol I got u Look closely at 0.06 at the remote control it has a yellow led that means the controller is on and then look near to the end at 0.53 theres no light in the remote control so its off gotcha lol
How do you stream a video to a a cell phone?
I have a mini heli from Brookstone and it has infrared transmitters on it but i took it apart and it has an antenna inside and the infrared transmitters were on a circuit board that wasn't connected to anything
Ah ha ha ha ha ha..... Simpsons did it... (both South Park and Simpsons references) this reminds me of the Episode where Homer joins the Army...
please post in description that its fake.
FAKE! How about you post an Instructable on how you converted the 2 channel Infrared helicopter to 3 channel RADIO helicopter?
that is sooooo cool!!! I like that idea that u can use them helis to carry a cameras.
i have a camera like this, but it have a 9v battery to run. <br/>impossible for my picooz to lift it. How you did it ? do you have a exact link to your camera ?<br/><br/>WARNING<br/>MY GUESS IS THAT THE VIDEO IS A BIG FAKE.<br/>THE PICOOZ USE A <strong>INFRA RED RC COPTER CONTROLLER.!</strong><br/>THE USED CONTROLLER IN THE VIDEO IS THE <strong>RADIO CONTROLLER OF A RC PLANE!</strong><br/>also, these camera usually NEED a 9v battery.<br/><br/>Please, could you post more information about your instructable ? <br/>thanks.<br/>ps: a picooz can hardly lift a piece of paper, how do your lift a camera, a battery, some tape, and a bill ?<br/>
Of course it's a fake ! I totally agree
If I'm not wrong, the heli you are showing in the video is a Silverlit PicooZ. It's weight is less than 10gr... and the remote control use Infra-red to control the heli.<br/><br/>Your video is showing a radio remote control. Why ?<br/><br/>I'm charging my own picooZ heli, just to prove myself I'm wring and that this small 10g heli can carry somehing heavy from it's nose. But I'm pretty sure it can't.<br/>Here is the wikipage for the picooZ : <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Picoo_Z">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Picoo_Z</a><br/>It shows the heli beeing recharged directly from the 2-channel IR controller...<br/>
Can you give a link as to where you got the camera? or more importantly, where/how you mounted the battery? The cameras get pretty small, but a 9V battery aint exactly small...
Here's another link to a camera like the one i used, <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bizrate.com/robotic_radiocontroltoys/oid609899503.html">http://www.bizrate.com/robotic_radiocontroltoys/oid609899503.html</a><br/><br/>the camera i used uses a button cell battery like wrist watches use, my spelling might be a bit off, im sorry about that im not a native :)<br/>
Oh ok, whoops, sorry, read the other post, but thought the link went somewhere else.<br/><br/>So that's the exact camera you used? but how'd you power it, if you go here:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.raidentech.com/mimiwipispyc.html">http://www.raidentech.com/mimiwipispyc.html</a><br/>(the actual product page)<br/><br/>It shows that one of the power attachments is the 9V battery clip, did you just take that and wire a buttoncell to it? a buttoncell can't power that, can it?<br/>
i live in romania and i got a black &amp; white camera really cheap for 20$ used but , the closest i found online was color and costs like 39$ or so, here's a link if anyone need's it, i recomend buy a &quot;used camera b&amp;w&quot; color is really expensive and it dosen't really matter that much....<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bizrate.com/robotic_radiocontroltoys/oid609899502__start--30.html">http://www.bizrate.com/robotic_radiocontroltoys/oid609899502__start--30.html</a><br/><br/>Thanks for viewing !<br/>
definitely a nifty idea. Not original - but great use of the cheaper tech. I've always thought those cheapie helicopters couldn't lift much more weight than their own... cool.
wow, that is just amazing! where did you get the little camera? and funny part where you swooped and got the $100 dollar bill haha

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