Picture of Pimp Your Pen!
You Will Need: Gel Pen, Scissors And A Straw

Step 1: Disassemble The Pen

Picture of Disassemble The Pen
Most Gel Pens Are Easy To Take Apart.
Ha, that's cool! If you could somehow add an LED.... :-O
maybe the small LED sizes and a battery connector at the end or paint the thing with glow powder
Obediah6 years ago
Easiest Instructable ever... and I mean that as a compliment! nice.
hu7776 years ago
wow, that is... wow rofl
dombeef6 years ago
wow pimp a pen... not. how is that pimped.
Dvdrw (author) 7 years ago
Good Idea, I Might Try That :D
um.? lol ok