Step 10: Bling!

Picture of Bling!
You're done! Now take that drive and staple it to your face because everyone wants to see it. I promise this will net you compliments on your skillz, your genius, and probably your breath and visage. Since i made this, people can't stop telling me how great looking I am.


FrozenIce3 years ago
Very nice able man :) but for this work and money, i would hae designed the shell a bit better :P but the final product is very impresive :) love it
AWESOME coolest USb ever. the steps were a little confusing though.
leadace3215 years ago
sick man im gonna go buy a block of wax and make my usb drives
thanks for the idea
This is WAY CRAZY! I wish I was that creative!!! Coolest USB Drive I've ever seen!
ExtraMedium7 years ago
sorry for being a bit of an r'tard but what happens in the casting process? Im guessing they make some kinda mold (or is it spelled mould?) and then pour teh hot metals over and in that. I'm just not sure what to ask them to do.
Robotrix (author)  ExtraMedium7 years ago
Anywhere you take it that does casting will know exactly what to do, you shouldn't have to ask him anything. FYI, what happens is this. Starting with a wax model, the model is surrounded with a plaster. Then the wax is melted out leaving a cavity that's shaped like a negative of what you're casting. Finally, hot metal is poured into the cavity and when it cools you have your finished product!
I figured as much on the process but i wasn't too sure about how much heat plaster can take before cracking/melting/burning/rapidly expanding so i started having radical and probably heretical ideas about polymers. Thanks for the help and great idea.
Robotrix (author)  ExtraMedium7 years ago
there's a special type of borosilicate plaster you can buy for this purpose called investment plaster. It's a very fine consistency so if flows into smaller details, and it withstands all the heat of casting. You can get it from any jewellery supply house / store.
TwinEdge7 years ago
this is a very nice job but you missed a step or something...if i'am not mistaken it's the part where you make the casting...there's a step between 5 and 6,you needed to show that,so everyone here can make the casting (the mold of you casting).....thanks
adamcakis7 years ago
that is really cool. i like how it doesnt really look like a usb any more. they all look the same and urs is really unique. nice job. have you seen these: www.blingdrives.com? they are funky too, and thank god, they dont look like usb drives.but they are!
thekanester7 years ago
That's a beautiful piece of art you have there. I'd be proud to show that one off in public! Make more silvery things for us all to see! Gold & Platinum would also be nice. Go on, you know you want to...!